1. happyfuntimeblues

    Reading Poster Assignment


    For this assignment, I made a reading poster. Although Mr. Beemis had already been used as the main example, I found this picture of him looking so cute and excited and decided I could pass it up.

    Now, this assignment was a *little* too easy for 3 stars, so I …

  2. happyfuntimeblues

    Tornado Gifs


    I opted to switch out a Design Assignment for this Animated GIF Assignment that can be found here.

    I’ve always had a slight obsession with tornadoes and in a strange way, I look forward to tornado season every year because I know that it’s becoming an increasingly common occurrence …

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    Twilight Zone Dialogue Mash-Up


    This is my dialogue mash-up of “Time Enough at Last” and a clip from “The Venture Brothers”.

    Using MPEG Streamline and Audacity, I was able to cut bits and pieces of the dialogues apart and paste them together in ways that might be humorous.

    I’m still finding it difficult to …

  4. happyfuntimeblues

    Twilight Zone Venn Diagram


    I really liked the idea of this assignment and thought that it could easily be applied to the episodes of The Twilight Zone that we’ve all been watching.

    For some reason I did “The Invaders” instead of “Eye of the Beholder”, but I’m okay with that. I tried to take …

  5. happyfuntimeblues

    The Sounds of A City



    This is most definitely the hardest assignment I’ve done yet. I guess I’m just not a very good “mixer” but I’ve seriously started working on this last night. I used Audacity, and had a lot of trouble finding a tutorial that I could sit through, so even I just …

  6. happyfuntimeblues

    An Observation of Humans by Captain Antigonus


    I am writing to my superiors with great concern for our Supreme Leader and the lives of everyone in our Great Colony, The Ultra-Awesome Conservators of the Underground.

    Keeping with the wishes of my people, I, Antigonus III, traveled far above ground on a mission. This was a mission of …

  7. happyfuntimeblues

    Attempt at Photo Restoration


    So, while I was waiting for this week’s syllabus, I decided to delve into Photoshop again. I really wanted to try my hand at restoration because I always see such cool examples on Reddit. I found an absolutely gorgeous old picture of one of my best friend’s grandparents (they look …

  8. happyfuntimeblues

    Weekly Summary


    Required Readings

    This week, we were required to read and watch several items involving cyber infrastructure and web-based learning. I enjoyed reading and pondering upon the ideas of Wesch and Campbell, and I see the merit of what they are saying. The web and social media have opened up a …

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    Reflections on the Required Materials.


    I’m doing these all together just because I’m doing them all at once and don’t want to spam my blog with posts.


    I was initially concerned about the radio aspect of the class, as I wasn’t sure how it could be pulled off. After listening to scottlo’s podcast, my …

  10. happyfuntimeblues

    Invaders Pixel Art


    I wanted to attempt some pixel art and replicate my angry robot alien friend. It took a while to make in Photoshop. I had to zoom in as far as I could, then I colored the pixels one by one. I took a screenshot after all my work was done …

  11. happyfuntimeblues

    I’m a terrible Game Master….


    For this assignment, I decided to multiply myself. After a few different set ups, I was only able to accomplish two of me. I’d like to try another one later because I think this is a really fun idea and has a lot of cool potential.

    I tried to mimic …

  12. happyfuntimeblues

    These are a few of my favorite things….


    For this assignment, I took a picture of my desk to highlight a few of my “favorite things”. By using Photoshop I was able to highlight the colors of these items in a Black and White photo by using a tool called ‘history brush’.

    In case no one noticed, I …

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    Assignment #1: From Ashe to Zyra


    For my first visual assignment, I decided on the A-Z collage. My topic was League of Legends.

    In case anyone has never heard of it, League of Legends is a MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena) and these days it is hugely popular, not only because it is FREE, but also …

  14. happyfuntimeblues

    Hello new friends!


    I thought I’d start out and try and make something that set the tone for my blog. Of course, the gif doesn’t load unless you click on it and it took me 3 hours to make in inkscape. So while I’m sure this all sends some kind of message, it …

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