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    Close Community


    I am now amazed at the fact how all sorts of people can connect with one another. Yes, this is a realization that I think I’ve made a while ago but this recent incident made this concrete.

    An educator blogger named Shane from New York mentioned me in a post …

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    For one of our tech tasks we were required to check out some coding sites and play around with some of the codes and think about how it would work in a classroom setting.

    First, I did the Flappy Bird one where you had to try and figure out what …

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    Blogging in the Classroom


    In my Education English class today one teacher-to-be brought up the discussion of using blogs in a high school classroom. She was talking about how we need to teach students what to post on the internet. This would be a step to teach students that they need to be aware …

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    This past Friday, I found out some stressful information in my personal life. So after discussing with cousin about it and she asked me over and over, “How do you feel, Helyn? What’s going on in your mind?”

    I kept repeating, “I don’t know.”

    She finally went and grabbed a …

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    Write, write, write



    So true. I always get these ideas but I never get the chance to get them down on paper or on my computer. I just wish they could appear before me. I wish they would just pop out of my head and into the computer.

    Originally posted on …

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    Padlet in the Classroom


    I was introduced to a bunch of useful teaching tools that use technology. I was immediately drawn to the first one – padlet.com — where you have a wall and can post anything on there. Whoever has the link can post on there, too.

    This would work great in any …

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    Busy Bee!


    And it’s that time of the semester where everything is going to be due. Less than one month left of my first University degree. It’s insane how fast this last semester is going and how busy it’s becoming.

    It’s time to catch up on everything and go hard for these …

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    Table for One – FanFic Assignment


    “Table for one, please.” He says in a crowded Saturday morning where all the hungover kids scarf down their breakfast in an attempt to calm their stomachs.

    Kevin Reowl’s six foot frame follows the waitress to the table and slides into the seat and stares at the other chair across …

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    What’s in a Name?


    My first name, Helyn, is a different version from my grandma’s name, Helen. My parents thought it was a beautiful name (and yes, I think it is) but it has created some irritation with me over the years. Why? Well, both ways are not pronounced the same. Ah ha! Yes, …

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    Teaching and Reffing


    Recently, a fellow blogger posted his thoughts on Hockey and Teaching. You can read Donovan’s post here.

    He talked about how reffing a hockey game relates to teaching.

    Just recently I was at my hometown’s basketball game watching my brother play. The school I graduated from was, and still …

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    Slam Poetry


    On Friday I was asked if I wanted to participate in another slam poetry event put on by the Education Faculty. The due date is extended until tomorrow. However, I have no idea what to write about. My one friend gave me different, professional slam poets to check out. This …

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    Googled Myself


    So I Googled myself and was pleased at the first few results that came up.

    The first three links that came up are definitely me but then the next two after that…not so much.

    The first post that comes up is my Pinterest page which is fine and I have …

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    Standing up for Yourself


    Recently I had a conversation with my cousin about students being bullied.

    She told about how her nephew was being picked on and then he finally decided to stand up for himself and not be pushed around anymore. This young boy is only in elementary school and he was already …

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    Tech Survey Results


    So it’s been roughly a week since I posted my New Tech Survey and I decided to do the results today and talk about them a bit. 

    I had 8 responses total including my own response. 

    My first question – Have you heard of Prezi? I had 7 Yes and …

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    Blog Changes


    I decided to make a few changes to my blog after I listened to Sue Waters talk to us in our class. First, I changed my title to just “Helyn’s Portfolio” so that it would be more specific and people would know who’s blog they are browsing. I changed my …

  16. helyn12

    Phone face?


    Another blog post I read gave me another idea about technology and the scary realities that seem to be happening.

    I believe people are having trouble communicating with one another and not knowing how to be outgoing to meet new people face to face. I don’t like the idea of …

  17. helyn12

    Virtual World


    After I just read another post about technology I had an inspiration to write my own in relation to how one can feel “naked” when they forget their phone. I know I do. I’m always constantly reaching for my phone or digging through my purse to find it. If I …

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