1. hfaley

    Reading Response: How Images Think?


    I found Ron Burnett’s How Images Think a little hard to read. For me it was a bit dense and wordy and took me a while to dissect Burnett’s main points, especially through what I found to be somewhat flowery prose.

    What caught my eye, however, was this question Burnett …

  2. hfaley

    Weekly Summary?


    This week I chose to do an audio create for ambient noise, and recorded what it’s like going through the maze that is my house; and I interviewed my housemate Nina and her sister about one of their favorite childhood memories. Those, and my audio project interviews, are all …

  3. hfaley

    Reading Response: The Zen of Listening


    In Shafir’s The Zen of Listening, one quote really stood out to me: “Listening.. is centripetal; it it pulls you into the world. Looking is centrifugal; it separates you from the world.”

    When I first read this line I was quick to disagree. But as I thought about it more, …

  4. hfaley

    If you could be any pastry in the world, which would you be?


    I asked my roommate this (about myself) and she said, “Something with jelly. Something moist.”

    I was also thinking of some jam-based pastry. Strawberry jam. As my roommate and I discussed, jam-based pastries (what do you call those? Are there names for them?) just seem more exciting and friendly than …

  5. hfaley

    Weekly Summary


    The Daily Creates this week seemed really sound-based, which I didn’t really buy, but I enjoyed the readings this week quite a lot. 

    All of my daily creates are here.

    My response to The Reality Principle is here.

    My response to Writing Movies for Fun and Profit is …

  6. hfaley

    Weekly Summary


    I liked the readings for this week a lot – I never knew that Camp was an actual thing. I’m working on editing my first video and am hoping to have at least two up by Wednesday.

    My reading response to Susan Sontag’s “Notes on Camp” can be found here

  7. hfaley

    Reading Response: Notes on Camp


    Susan Sontag’s “Notes on Camp” was one of my favorite readings so far. I’m a huge, huge fan of campy stuff, but never realized that it had enough of a presence to warrant academic reflections on it.

    I found Sontag’s essay interesting first because I never realized that …

  8. hfaley

    The Week in Review


    I just registered for this class so I had a lot of catching up to do, but I’m enjoying the daily creates as well as the opportunity to use tumblr outside of reblogging pictures of Naya Rivera and Cher Horowitz. Apologies to my (very few) followers whose dashboards have been …

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