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    Final Weekly Summary: it really is The End.


    For my final project, I wanted to stick with some of the themes that were implemented by my group projects – the audio and visual projects – and frame my narrative through the lens of my character’s point of view. The largest part of my final project was a VCSO …

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    The End is upon us


    At the beginning, nothing really seemed out of the ordinary. In The Digital Age, people all over the world were constantly receiving exposure to breaking news updates and viral media content on a vast range of topics every day. We had all heard of the “Apocalyptic Fiction Genre” that seemed …

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    Emerging Evidence


    Emerging Evidence: Today I found the following flyer stapled to every tree/pole in my neighborhood. It was also trending on social media and on every office building I drove past. It’s everywhere – it seems like it’s from some kind of intel seeking/leaking organization… I don’t know what to think, …

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    Re-Wardrobing The Last Man


    For one of my media assignments, I went a different direction. I made a Pinterest boat for the The Countess of Windsor, who for reference is described by Wikipedia as, “Mother of Adrian and Idris, an Austrian princess and former Queen of England. She is haughty and ambitious, scheming to …

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    Re-Designing The Last Man


    After having read the novel, I realized that my first book cover was pretty much flawless. It fit the ending – the most significant part of the narrative – perfectly. So I decided to take it in a new, more satirical direction. This GIF focuses more on the internal emotions …

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    Rescripting The Last Man:


    Alternate Ending:

    The novel ends with Lionel swimming to shore and coming to the realization that he is the last man on earth. I kind of hated that, so I changed it. I mean it was a great book – but I like my apocalyptic fiction to be more inspiring …

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    11:11 And Other Lucky Things


    Week 11 Reflection:

    On luck:

    In 3rd grade, I wrote my first academic essay; it was a research paper on grizzly bears. In 4th grade, I wrote my second one on Harriet Tubman. From that point on, research papers were my thing, and still are. I still think bears are …

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    Daily Create Ideas

    What are current structures/concepts/rituals/themes/traditions/aspects/cultural qualities/etc. in modern society that we should fight to maintain in a post-apocalyptic world? Create a collage that illustrates facets of our society that we should work to keep and build upon despite the circumstances of our planet and species after The End. If everything on…
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    Project: Pulling It Together


    So at this point, I have assembled footage of my dogs (which came out PERFECTLY if I do say so myself – Simon was an excellent actor, standing at attention by the front door; he’s such a good boy), and also some places on campus and around my house. I …

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    Project: Developments


    After the first week, nobody has assembled any footage to my knowledge. But we still have time and we only need to come up with like under two minutes of raw footage, so it’s pretty low stress.

    We are, at this point, discussing more in-depth what kinds of settings we …

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    Project: Conception


    When we first formed our group, David, Rachel and I agreed that we wanted to do a video that was structured in a way that enabled individual contributions that could easily augment each other in a more fluid, collaborative way. We decided that our video would be a montage of …

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    Makeover gfran – u work that deadly strut


    Yeah so this is for my assignment revision. I chose to modify my character’s outfit design –

    First, I actually used the avatar/character I created earlier in the semester and then did my darnedest to dress her in the original outfit, and for all the same reasons. However, this submission …

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    Week 9…Cloud 9… Tomayto ToMAHto


    This week, as we wrapped up the radio show projects and took the time to tune into each other’s broadcasts, deliberately seek out other students’ work to submit personal commentary to, and revisiting old assignments, I found that this week served as a temporary break between the more demanding and …

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    The Eagle Report: The Final Broadcast


    At the conclusion of our project, we were able to accomplish all of the goals we had set and our final project honored our initial vision. Though much of the process happened in spite of challenging communications strategies, collaboration over digital media rather than in-person meetings, and lengthy discussions over …

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    Audio: aw, you doeeee


    Yes. That was the best title I could think of for this week’s reflection post (7 and 8). The real apocalypse starts with us returning to creating emoji sentiments out of existing punctuation indicators and speaking like height-of-his-career-collaborates-with-Justin-Bieber-phase Sean Kingston. Soon, we’ll be wearing gaucho pants… or long, poorly-color-coordinated plaid …

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    Small Group Democracy – A Success Story


    Week 6:

    I plan to revisit week six specifically later this week because the assignments associated with Design are the most intriguing to me, personally, out of all of the major themes we have addressed this semester up to week 10. I completed the six stars of design assignments, character …

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    Lorraine Baxter’s Apocalypse Threads



    Since Lorraine specializes in photography, documentary, and journalism and her role as a Shepherd will prompt her to use digital media and reporting techniques to highlight, document, and preserve as much of our world and of the apocalypse as she can, I wanted to put her in an outfit …

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    lil snippet of home


    For one of my audio assignments, I chose to create a collection of my favorite sounds based on my home growing up. In this clip, you hear the rumbling snores of a big dog, piano music playing in the background (in this case, The Entertainer by Scott Joplin), a podcast …

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    Burlesque Soundtrack Reordered


    For this assignment, I decided to reorder five songs from the Burlesque soundtrack to reflect one woman’s journey towards embracing her womanhood – including an internal battle over appreciating and expressing her sexuality, finding a sense of empowerment in her femininity, further exploring her own personal style and manner of …

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    Lorraine Baxter Resume: The Shepherd


    Below is the resume of my character, Lorraine Baxter. She is the “shepherd,” so she is keen on getting to know people personally, connecting, and considering the health and safety of others during times of tribulation. She has a background in photography, cinematography, communications, and rhetoric. She has worked at …

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    Visual Assignment:



    This is my favorite photo that I have ever taken. I took it at some restaurant in Chicago. Why? It’s been ten years, and I still don’t know. Maybe it’s the lighting. Maybe its the feeling it leaves me with when I look at it. Maybe …

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