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    Hope Racine 2015-01-01 15:53:33


    Happy New Year!

    Two things have come to my attention: that I have a problem finishing things, and that I don’t take very many pictures of myself. I’m a 22 year-old female, so I of course take more than the average joe, but the vast majority never see the light …

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    FINAL PROJECT: Oh Christmas Tree

    For my DS106 final, I decided to tell the story of Christmas trees. This is my favorite holiday of the year, and picking out a Christmas tree is the best part of Christmas. But when I go to the lot and my family runs straight for the big tall pines,…
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    Weekly Summary: 13 & 14


    I have to admit, I really enjoyed the remix section of DS106. It as a lot of work, but genuinely really fun.

    I talked about it a bit in my What is Remix? post, but I think that remixes and mashups are way more prevalent in our lives than we …

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    What is a remix?


    After learning and reading about remixes, I had my boyfriend sit down so I could explain them to him. While I (may) have coached some of his questions, I wanted to focus on the concept or remix culture as a possible venue for stealing or copyright infringement. I personally don’t …

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    Apple Loop Song


    For my new assignment, I decided to make an audio project that utilizes playing around with loops that come with Garageband, or that you can find online.

    I feel like most people with Garageband have attempted to make a song using the loops at one point or another- I know …

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    Photo A Day Assignment


    For my second new assignment, I decided to create a mash up assignment called “Picture A Day.” The idea of the assignment is to take a picture of yourself every day for a week, and make it into a video. Not only should it be a week long effort, but …

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    Popcorn Maker Tutorial


    I know that I had a horrible time with Mozilla Popcorn Maker, and from some of my classmate’s posts, it seems like they did too. So I decided to make a tutorial to help future DS106-ers at the task.

    Maybe I was alone in this, but one of the most …

  8. hope

    Viking Dubstep Cat


    For the first of my mash up assignments, I decided to do the Techno Viking Music Video assignment. We were asked to take one video with music in it, and place a clip of a dancing guy inside it. It seems easy, but the real trick was to make sure …

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    Weekly Summary: Video killed the DS106-er


    So…..video assignments suck. I thought I would get in there and get started and realize that it’s not so bad and iMovie isn’t difficult and with enough hard work and effort I could master video projects! Wrong. This week sucked and I never want to revisit it ever again.

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    Daily Creates


    This assignment was to make a flag for our own imagined country, so I decided to make my flag incorporate some of my favorite things: polka dots, teal, and tea! I made this very quickly using photoshop. I found the polka dot as a background online and …

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    60 second day


    4 stars

    I decided to do the 60 second day video, because I like the idea of having a documentation of my day. The assignment was to take 60 one second videos of your day. I chose it because I don’t have a lot of experience generating my own video …

  12. hope

    Talking with myself


    5 stars

    Wow, this assignment was the absolute worst. I played around in iMovie for forever, but I couldn’t find a way to merge my two videos realistically at all. I saw on a classmate’s post that they used something called “Camtasia” so I checked it out. It …

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    Silent Velociraptors


    4 1/2 stars

    For the silent film assignment, I decided to focus on Jurassic Park, as it is my favorite movie ever. I saw that someone had already made a trailer of it for this assignment, and I didn’t want to copy them, so instead I made an entire scene. …

  14. hope

    There She Goes


    3 stars

    For the “Where Do You Want To Go” assignment, I decided to put a spin on things. The assignment calls for a picture slideshow of the various places we would like to go in the world, but I decided to take it a step further and …

  15. hope

    Daily Creates: Week 10

    Daily Create 1:

    I didn’t feel like exposing to the world how horrible of a drawer I am, so I decided to draw the various coffee mugs around my room that currently need to be taken out and “washed.” No, I don’t have a problem.

    Daily Create 2:

    I’m so …

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    Youtube Genres


    I was blown away by how many genres students had listed in the Youtube Genres doc, but as I read through, I realized that there were way more genres that could be added. I thought of a bunch of examples I could add to existing genres, but I decided to …

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    Ocean’s 12: Behind the Scenes


    Ocean’s Twelve (2004) is the sequel to the 2001 hit thriller Ocean’s Eleven, which was a remake of a 1960 movie.

    Directed by Steven Soderbergh (Erin Brockovich, Contagion, Magic Mike), the film is the second in the Ocean’s trilogy, which spanned from 2001 to 2007.

    The film is billed as …

  18. hope

    3 Time Viewing: Ocean’s 12


    I chose to analyze a scene from Ocean’s 12. I specifically chose a movie that I’ve never seen before, so that I would have fresh eyes and an objective view while watching it.

    I’ve done the “three time viewing” approach before, as I’ve taken classes in the past on film …

  19. hope

    Potential Audio Assignments


    Let me begin by saying that WOW there are a lot of video assignments. Pages and pages worth! I went hunting for two specific types of assignment for next week: one easy, and one challenging. I typically like to leap in head first with a challenge, but video and I …

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    Weekly Summary: Batman, Netflix and Dream Vacations


    In terms of previous week’s workload, this week in DS106 was a veritable cake walk. It helps that the radio shows were pushed back until next Thursday, which was less work to do this week- but I liked the lighter workload! It was a very welcome reprieve after the hecticness …

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