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    Daily Creates: Hair

    Daily Create 1

    Like all Freshmen, upon entering high school I was determined to reinvent myself and make the next four years amazing. I obsessed over my first day outfit, because it was also picture day. And I got a hair cut. I convinced my mom to let me lighten …

  2. hope

    How to upload your website story to wordpress


    For those of us doing the Storytelling Within the Web assignment, I wanted to create a comprehensive tutorial for how to go the extra step and upload the finished creation to WordPress. The directions given said that we should download the HTML- but I couldn’t for the life of me …

  3. hope

    Batman Website Remix


    I had absolutely no idea what I wanted to do for my website storytelling assignment. The examples given were all really well done, and I may or may not have spent several hours reading Amazon product reviews. I was flipping through channels when I came across a marathon for …

  4. hope

    Weekly Summary: Week 8


    This week was an insane amount of audio assignments! In previous weeks I have absolutely detested the audio assignments we had to do, but I must admit, I enjoyed this week!

    WHAT DID I DO THIS WEEK? Daily Creates:

    So, I messed up a bit with my Daily Creates this …

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    Chaplin-Foley project


    Of all the sound assignments in all the classes in all the world, we had to do this one.

    I will be frank: I hated the Foley assignment. I could not get the timing on this to work to save my life! So many of my sounds were too quiet …

  6. hope

    Mary Hauntington Bumper


    I knew I wanted to do something ghosty for my radio bumper, so I knew that whispers and such were a must. I’m currently pretty sick and lost my voice, which surprisingly worked out well for this project! My raspy man-like sick voice gave off a great spooky vibe. I …

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    Daily Creates: Week 6 & 7

    Daily Create: DS106 Stationary


    I did this on Monday of last week, and I was incredibly proud of myself for remember to actually start my Daily Creates nice and early. It felt good, I won’t lie. The prompt was to create stationary for DS106. I made this really easily …

  8. hope

    Craigslist Beat Poet Haikus


    2 stars

    For the remainder of my audio assignment stars, I did the Beat Craigslist assignment, where we read a Craigslist ad that has interesting wording, and then record it like a beat poem.

    I love Craigslist. The majority of furniture in my house was obtained from the free section …

  9. hope

    Zombie University: We Give You Brains


    My final audio project for this week was the commercial for the radio project. Since our radio show is Halloween/ Spooky themed, I decided to do a horror movie inspired commercial. A lot of the subject matter for our show is much more scary than traditional kind of campy Halloween …

  10. hope

    The Most Pressing of Emergencies

    911, what’s your emergency?

    3 1/2 stars

    For my first audio project this week, I did the 911 call prompt.

    I’ve never gotten to call 911 before and it’s actually a little disappointing. This project was almost liberating, finally giving me the opportunity I’ve never had.

    I enlisted the …

  11. hope

    Mary Hauntington progress


    I’m really excited for how well my group’s radio show is coming along. Our plan has been for a spooky/ Halloween themed radio show in honor of the upcoming holiday. The group met last week to discuss ideas, names, and what we want to do.

    The name we decided on …

  12. hope

    Weekly Summary: Heck yes visual design


    Hands down, this has been my favorite week of DS106 yet. I’m a graphic design junkie. I design logos and layouts for websites, I do a lot of design for the school paper, and I’m the layout designer for the Battlefield yearbook- so I’m always kind of swimming in it. …

  13. hope

    Design Blitz Safari!


    For this week’s designblitz, I mostly looked through magazines, newspapers, etc to find examples. I feel like these places typically have great design, and occasionally a really really bad one to serve as a warning. The examples I pulled this week are all from the UMW Blue & Gray …

  14. hope

    More Daily Creates, More Planning Failure

    Daily Create 1: TDC to the power of 10

    It was actually surprisingly fun to go back through some of my Daily Create photos to put together this collage. We’ve only been at it a month, but there were definitely assignments that I had already forgotten about. To put together …

  15. hope

    Return of the Bunhead: A new logo



    3 stars

    For the final design assignment of this week, I decided to make a logo for my site. I’m a fan of more minimalist design, so I may not necessary use this logo on the site, but it’s a good skill to have.

    Secret confession: I love making logos. …

  16. hope

    Minimalist Harry Potter


    3 1/2 stars

    So basically, I am a giant nerd and obsessed with all things Harry Potter. I chose to complete the minimalist tv/movie poster assignment, where we were tasked with creating a poster for our favorite story using minimal designs or icons.

    I actually own a minimalist Harry Potter …

  17. hope

    Lyric Typography Poster


    3 1/2 stars

    You never really notice how melodramatic your favorite songs are until you have to take the lyrics out of context.

    I had an obnoxiously hard time selecting a song for the lyric typography assignment, because everything I found was either depressing or overly emotional, which is not …

  18. hope

    Greetings From DS106


    2 1/2 stars

    There is just about nowhere on this earth I love as much as Scotland. When I saw that we had the option to make a postcard from somewhere we wish we were, it was a no brainer because I always wish I was in Scotland.

    For this …

  19. hope

    Weekly Summary: Waffles at the Beach


    You know what setting isn’t very copacetic for working on a laptop? The beach.

    I’ve spent the weekend away from Fred-Vegas and at the beach for a family weekend, therefore forcing myself into this thing called time management and completely a significant amount of my work ahead of time. I …

  20. hope

    Daily Creates: Week 5

    Daily Create 1: What is playing on 106 fm on your radio?

    This is technically from 106.1 FM, because I didn’t think a recording of static would sound very good. I recorded this very late at night while driving through nowheresville North Carolina. No clue what the song is, but …

  21. hope

    Apophenia with my waffles


    Apophenia 3.5 stars

    For this assignment, we were instructed to take a normal, every day object and turn it into something else. I actually put off doing this assignment because I really didn’t want to do it. Something about the idea of it just didn’t jive with me, and it …

  22. hope

    Taking Better Photos


    8 photo techniques from Rob Wall For the “Becoming Better Photographers” exercise, I decided to upload three of my favorite photos that I took this week. I borrowed my sister’s Canon XTI which really made all the difference. Comparing these to my iPhone pictures is astounding. While I don’t find…
  23. hope

    Guacamole: A Flickr Story


    Earlier this semester we learned that stories can come in all shapes and sizes, so for this Flickr set I wanted to tell one of my favorite stories: a recipe.

    In my experience, recipes can be very confusing and difficult to follow, whereas pictures can tell a thousand words. Earlier …

  24. hope

    Troll Quotes: On Writing


    For this assignment, I decided to do the “Troll Quote” prompt. We were told to take a picture of a famous person, add a quote by a second person, and attribute it to a third, unrelated famous person.

    I decided to use one of my favorite quotes by Ernest Hemingway, …

  25. hope

    New Release: Archibald Clinkard


    So I have to admit- this is not the first time I have done this assignment. In my (freshman?) year of high school this idea was floating around Facebook and a ton of people did it, including myself. I had a blast doing this assignment, and it made me laugh …

  26. hope

    Weekly Summary: Week 4


    What do you call two 21-year old college students working in the ITCC on a Saturday night? DS106.

    This week was a little rough, I will admit. The easy assignment from last week spoiled me, and the audio assignments were a bit of a rude awakening. That said, I actually …

  27. hope

    Radio Reflection


    I love Ira Glass. I find him witty, hysterical, and endlessly entertaining. As I have discovered through this assignment, he is also full of much needed wisdom.

    In this video, Glass talks about the basic necessities of a radio program: telling anecdotes and raising questions. Facts are boring, he says …

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