1. hope

    DS106 Radio Thoughts


    I will be brutally honest: I still don’t entirely get DS106 radio.

    I’m not a stranger to it- in fact, my sophomore year I once listened to DS106 radio for more than two hours while writing an article for the school newspaper on it. During that time, students were presenting …

  2. hope

    This American Life


    For my reflection post on an outside radio broadcast, I chose to do something from “This American Life.” It’s a show that I grew up listening to, and in my experience you always learn something new or interesting from their segments. When out of the country, I used to listen …

  3. hope

    Daily Creates: Week 4

    Daily Create 1 (9/18):

    For this create, we were prompted to make a photo collage of several stacks of books in order to present a “self portrait.” I was running late while I did this assignment, so admittedly there is very little order or organization to these books- they all …

  4. hope

    Ask Not What DS106 Radio Can Do For You


    It’s not a secret that I have a weird obsession with the late U.S. president JFK. The second I heard that we had to do a bumper, I immediately knew that I wanted to play with a famous JFK speech. Don’t ask why- there is no rational behind my love.…

  5. hope

    Sound Effect Story: Caught In the Rain


    For my sound effect story, I decided to narrate the process of someone getting caught in the rain. I was listening to RainyMood when I was reading the project description, and the idea hit me- make a rain story!

    While poking around at some of my classmates’ projects, I definitely …

  6. hope

    Weekly Summary 9/15


    Oh DS106, how you challenged me this week. Between other classes, work and the school paper, I have to admit that this class was definitely not at the forefront of my mind. Despite my pledges last week to work on my time management, I definitely failed and put a lot …

  7. hope

    Daily Create: Week 3

    DAILY CREATE 1: (9/11)

    The first Daily Create I did this week was to recreate my favorite mathematical expression using found materials. I kind of stretched the parameters of this project. After looking at my classmate’s projects, I realized that I kind of took it in a different direction, but …

  8. hope

    5 Frame Story: Portrait of A Sunday Morning



    For my story in five frames, I decided to use pictures to tell the story of my Monday morning. It follows my waking up, doing some work, and making tea. I really, really love tea, so that received the most time in my story telling project. Then at the …

  9. hope

    The Shape of Stories: Lord of the Rings & Storify


    The story that I chose to chart is one of my favorites: “The Lord of The Rings” by J.R.R. Tolkien. Graphing even one book in the entire trilogy would be extremely difficult and convoluted, so I chose instead to follow one character, Frodo Baggins, and …

  10. hope

    Storytelling: Stories are everywhere


    Storytelling has always been a huge part of my life. I come from a family of journalists and writers, so I have been surrounded by them every day. As a journalist myself, I am constantly seeking out stories.

    A lot of people associate storytelling with fiction or fantasy, and there …

  11. hope

    Weekly Summary: 9/7


    DS106 has been a real adventure this week. I think I have successfully run the gamut of technical problems. I have had my Twitter account hacked, been locked out of my WordPress, had Photoshop (figuratively) implode on itself, and battled mercilessly with my email account. And yet, I have prevailed. …

  12. hope

    Michael Wesch: Knowledgeable to Knowledge-able


    In his presentation, Michael Wesch manages to provide new answers to the age old question: how do you get students engaged?

    Wesch seems acutely aware of the realities of the classroom, and that many students are not stimulated by the traditional lecture structure. As a result, students often tune out …

  13. hope

    Review: A Personal Cyberinfrastructure


    Gardner Campbell’s piece, “A Personal Cyberinfrastructure” was a very interesting read. As I get my bearings about me for the start of DS106, this article helped me understand the large context of the course, not just as a way  to learn the basics of digital storytelling, but as a venue …

  14. hope

    Reflection: DS106zone LowDown 001


    Throughout this semester, I feel that Scott Lockman’s  “ds106zone LoDown? podcasts will be a wonderful resource. I greatly enjoyed the podcast, as it helped me understand what to expect in DS106 and what will be coming.

    Lockman’s podcasts are short enough that they remain engaging, but they are truly driven …

  15. hope

    Daily Create: Week 2


    I truly enjoyed this first week of Daily Create challenges. I like that there are seven each week, so that myself and other students have the ability to pick and choose the ones that are most interesting to us. I liked the ones where I got to flex some creative …

  16. hope

    I Don’t Want To Say It Like The Peanut Butter


    I felt a lot like Lilo this week with my adventures in DS106. I may now hold the world record for running into the most technical problems in a week. So by the time I got around to the gif making exercise, I was not amused.

    I tried a few …

  17. hope

    Hello World!


    My name is Hope Racine, and I’m a senior at UMW. I love storytelling, and so I am vey excited for this class! I’m the news editor/ graphics person over at the Blue & Gray Press, along with the template designer for The Battlefield  yearbook! I also am the …

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