1. hshami17

    He Who Procrastinates in DS106


    This is a story about a poor DS106 student who did not properly heed the fair warning that was sent out by professor Polack before the start of the course. The student’s name is Stu Ped. Stu begins his first week of class by going to Dr. Polack’s DS106 course …

  2. hshami17

    Weekly Summary: Week Four


    Almost done! This week was pretty tough but it was fun since I enjoy working with video. I especially enjoyed putting together the compilation videos for my assignment. I watch a lot of videos on YouTube everyday so it was fun to create my own little videos. I also got …

  3. hshami17

    Watching a Movie in a New Perspective


    For the Look. Listen. Analyze assignment, I watched the clip above. I have seen this movie though it was a long time ago so I do not remember all of the scene very well.

    Analyze the camera work

    I watched the entire clip with the audio muted and just focused …

  4. hshami17

    All Hail King Leo



    For the Highlight Reels assignment, I created the video above. It consists of some skills by the Argentinian Lionel Messi who plays for the club team FC Barcelona.

    Behind the Creation

    I am a huge soccer fan, or football whatever. I do not care what the hell you call …

  5. hshami17

    Reading a Movie? What the Hell Does That Mean?


    I read Roger Ebert’s Article on “How to Read a Movie”, which informed the reader about techniques on how to read in between the lines when watching a scene in a movie. It definitely opened my eyes to subtle video techniques that some directors use. The concept of visual space …

  6. hshami17

    Weekly Summary: Week Three


    Done with my first week working with audio. I do listen to podcasts and other radio stuff occasionally but I have never actually worked with it myself. Although I did not find it to be too daunting and enjoyed some of the stuff. I liked creating the Sounds Of My …

  7. hshami17

    This American Life: I Was Just Trying To Help


    I listened to the I Was Just Trying To Help segment from This American Life. The segment starts with Ira Glass interviewing a circuit court judge, Sharon, who was fired from her job after what the court presumed to be giving legal advice to someone for a case. The person …

  8. hshami17

    Sounds Of My Day


    So today I decided to record some audio of my typical workday for this assignment. Hopefully the sounds make it clear about what I was doing in the clip.

    Behind the Creation

    I am currently a intern at Dahlgren Naval Surface Warfare Center. I commute from my home in Fredericksburg …

  9. hshami17

    Gaining Insight From Ira Glass and Jad Abumrad


    Ira Glass’s talk was actually very interesting to me. I watched part 1 and 2 and it made me realize certain things about audio storytelling that I did not really give much thought about. He talks about in part 1 about anecdotes and gave a great example of a random …

  10. hshami17

    Weekly Summary: Week Two


    2 weeks down, 3 more to go. This week was a little more tough only because I did not have a good photo editing software until later this week when I got photoshop. I do not think I have ever done any sort of design work with pictures so this …

  11. hshami17

    Vignelli Canon Reflection


    After reading Vignelli Canon, it put the process of design into a different perspective for me. One of the first things that caught my attention was when he spoke about syntactical design and showing the example of the NYC Subway map. It made me realize that there is actually a …

  12. hshami17

    I’m So Adventurous


    For the Are We There Yet? design assignment, I created the image above of me supposedly relaxing on a cliff.

    Behind the Creation

    Apparently pictures like this are very popular nowadays where someone takes a shot of their feet hanging in mid air while they are looking down some high …

  13. hshami17

    My Geeky Tattoo


    Here is what I made for the Tattoos 4Life assignment. Pretty geeky…

    Behind the Creation

    I thought this would be sort of funny as a tattoo. “delete[] poop;” is programming syntax for C++ for when you want to deallocate or destroy the memory block that poop is pointing too. The …

  14. hshami17

    My Design Blitz


    For this design blitz, I took some pictures around my home of objects that exemplified 4 concepts of design. The 4 design concepts were Balance, Rhythm, Proportion, and Unity.

    This picture represents Dominance. Dominance allows for depth and weight into your photo. The larger jar is more significant in this …

  15. hshami17

    The Savage Bruce


    Here is my GIF for GIF Your Sassy Animal assignment. As you can see, Bruce is giving some serious sass. Not really he’s just playing.

    Behind the Creation

    Bruce is my one year old cat and like most cats we play hide and go seek. Usually he will be around …

  16. hshami17

    A Little Motivation For You


    Here is the poster I made for the Motivational Poster (3 stars) design assignment. Credits to Taylor Nguyen for the photo. Yeah, turf burns are no joke.

    Behind the Creation

    As I was scrolling through the design assignment bank on the ds106 website, I saw this assignment and immediately knew …

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