1. hshanise

    ds106c – Real Life to Cartoon Collage


    This assignment asked to find a man made version of a natural thing and put them together in a collage. I chose to do a lion and had originally intended on finding something related to the lion king play but I found this one instead. I have no idea where …

  2. hshanise

    ds106b – My Favorite Lyric


    The assignment was to take a picture that helped describe our favorite lyric and write the lyric somewhere on the picture. The song I chose was Swim by Jack’s Mannequin and I felt this picture helped embody the message of the song as a whole. This song in particular has …

  3. hshanise

    What A Crappy Font Can Do (Assignment A)


    The assignment was to take a popular logo and use a “crappy” font to see how much the logo would change. I chose to take the Google logo and use Windings for a couple reasons. One, I hate the font and think it’s terrible. Two, it sort of goes with …

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