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    “To build a cyberinfrastructure that scales without stiflling innovation, that is self-supporting without being isolated or fatally idiosyncratic”

    This quote impressed me. The idea of “no left behind” is meaningful. People have to start from the individuals. Teachers and learners should receive guidance from each other.

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    Tomodachi Operation 1 Year After the Disaster


    Recently, the public/ media emphasize the incidents in middle east… Not so many people are aware the US military’s activity in the other side of the earth, but thanks to the internet, many informations are available borderless anytime. Tomodachi(friend) operation is to aid those victims of 2011 Tohoku earthquake. US …

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    TEDxCambridge – Scott Summit’s beautiful artificial limbs


    I think it is the philosophy that these industrial designers should have. Designers should not only pursue mass production that can make fast money… As the presenter, Scott Summit says, sometimes design is involved in the down side… some designer then face the problem to solve costumers’ problems…
    Many people …

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    DS106 Visual Assignments Create Your Frankenstein “Micky Duck”


    Can you tell how many cartoon characters I combined? The Simpsons, Doraemon, Micky Mouse, Donald Duck, Kureon Shinchyan and pluto

    Process: I used hand, eyes and brain to design, then colour the picture through computer. I used the software called Paintbrush.

    Concept: Funny huh? I thought it is kinda adorable, …

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    DS106 Visual Assignments A Sunset, “Sunrise of Yokosuka”


    Ok I think sunrise is okay for this assignment “sunset”, I don’t think I can tell the difference between sunset and sunrise…. Just the direction of sun…

    Process: Be in the right location, choose a nice angle and take the photo!
    Story: I was heading Yokosuka base at around 7:00 …

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    What People Think When I Say I’m Just a College Student”


    “What people think” is pretty popularly recently on the internet. I made one “What people think” of being a college student. I can’t say who’s perspective is “wrong”, since I do play different roles in some degree, but different percentage.


    Since I don’t have Paint while using MAC, I …

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    Propaganda- Extream Prespectives on 2012 Kony


    The video which has been discussed intensely now is viewed more than 79,277,982 times on YouTube. The video is about the military use of children in Africa. The warlord, Joseph Knoy, kidnaps a large number of children, and forces boys to fight against his enemies and girls to be sex …

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    Group 1 presentation


    The infographic basically shows the opinion of average American and the conclusion

    American society is diversity, but not mongrelized

    Relationship between different races is highly acceptable, but the majority does not practice.

    The infographic that made by our group is the conclusion of dating different races. We sorted out the …

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    Ski Trip


    I had spent 2 days in this ski resort, Zao. It was my third time to snowboard. I improved a lot better than last time, but still have a lot to learn and overcome… I think I’m going to go to a lesson next time and learn it from basis. …

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    Highway Traffic Map


    I took this photo on the way back from Yamagata prefecture.
    I thought it was really cool that the screen shows the traffic information, such as the arrival times… But, since the GPS is popularized, I don’t know if it is that the electronic map is necessary to be in …

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    Inforgraphic: social networks

    Original link: Infogra.me

    This infographic is created by Mixi corp. in December 2011. (Mixi is the most popular social network in Japan, but Facebook is overtaking it recently) Mixi used its own surveys and various statistics (e.g. the surveys made by Tokyo University…etc.) to make this infographic. Mixi asserts that …

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    Visual Assignments “Splash The Color”



    I’m a huge fan of sashimi, especially salmon sashimi and salmon eggs! Thus, I always target these particular sushi before start eating lol

    I used a photo that was taken in a sushi restaurant in Asakusa. Last year, my friend came visit Tokyo from …

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    DS 106 Assignment “Really Reality TV”


    Concept: We find that the reality shows and documentaries are interesting because they are not totally made up. Every single body on this earth must have a story to tell. Life is just like a reality show, everyone is an actor. No matter you like the story line or not, …

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    Blue Light of Japan Railway


    Have you ever seen these blue LED lights around the platforms and wondered what that is?  I just took this photo of Yamanote line in Shinjuku station.

    Hum…Obviously, it’s not advertisement… Is it insect killing light? No, it is just LED without electric web … is it a signal for …

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    Japanese propaganda


    It was around 3:00 I was riding my dirty dirt bike.  When I was ready to go over the bridge of Gotanda station, I was stopped by polices. Hummm I thought I’d got about 5 points on my license, getting one more point will take away my license… Kinda worried… …

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    DS106 Mashup Assignments “Music Mash”

    “The Adventures of Raindance Maggie”, by Red Hot Chili Pepper, was released in 2011. The popularity of RHCP has been pretty high, since RHCP has tended toward more main stream recently. In this single, RHCP doesn’t lose its style, and the song is not too extreme as well. It had…
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    DS106 Assigment “Make Your Own Ringtone”


    Duck Sauce’s “Barbra Streisand” was pretty popular last year in 2011. Usually, dance music reaches to the climax gradually on the half way, which is a little different to the structure of mainstream songs. Therefore, I compressed the song and remixed it, since using real dance music as a ring …

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    DS106 Assigment “Video”


    These are the commercials of Japan Air Self Defense Force. The first ad is pretty cute, as a girl wondering “????????” (Are there dolphins in the sky?) Then the “Blue Impulses” (sounds like Blue Angle?) come out afterwards…   The second commercial is interesting as well, when it is 100% animation. …

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