1. @IAF_Ru

    Unit 1: Bootcamp


    Hey, guys! (I hope nobody will read my stuff, though) So, what can I say? This is my first and hope not last weekly summary for DS106 course. I have to mention from the very beginning that English is not my native language, so my writing ability is limited (sorry …

  2. @IAF_Ru

    Tdc1631 – An Ad For a Machine


    Having trouble impressing your neighbours? Buy our superb God blessed limited edition machine for only $99,999.98!

    Wouldn’t you be excited to have such a thing at your backyard? Haven’t you ever dreamed to scare the crap out of neighbors? To make them afraid and respect you? We have the perfect …

  3. @IAF_Ru

    Hello, world!


    Hi there, This is the first (and hopefully, not the last) post for DS106 course. Hope, I’m gonna make it. Regards, IAF…

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