1. @Igtherion

    Radio Show week 2


    Week 2 was much more productive than week one. People put their heads to it and wrote a script. The voicing felt a bit late in the process, but I hope it came out decently. I would say I did not have as  much fun with this project as I …

  2. @Igtherion

    Weekly summary (2/25-3/3)


    This week was a return to audio techniques in preparation for the radio show project we will have to be doing. All in all I feel like the assignments gave me more experience in audacity which is pretty nice since it is a pretty useful program. The biggest downside of …

  3. @Igtherion

    Weekly summary (2/18-2/24)


    This week had us looking at elements of design. Of all the things we have looked at so far I must say that this one was the strangest feeling since design seemed much like base photography for a bit, however design focuses much more on the principles of what makes …

  4. @Igtherion

    Design Thoughts/Ideas


    I read the Vignelli Canon for this one.

    Probably one of the most simple, yet most efficient things discussed in this piece was the concept of Syntactic consistency. When things do not display this concept it really bothers me, probably more so than the average person, because despite my lax …

  5. @Igtherion

    DS106 radio final impressions


    The show ended up having way more depth than I had ever expected, both in plot and given the sheer amount of  expertly used sound effects. My favorite aspect was probably the sheer potency that came from how they would weave sound effects in between dialogue in a way that …

  6. @Igtherion

    DS106 radio tweet along impressions 2/13


    Overall I would have to say that I really enjoyed the radio show as it was full of far more drama and suspense than I would have expected. I had a few minor issues with some of the audio but I cannot even put them into words so ultimately I …

  7. @Igtherion

    Radio Show Ideas


    I suppose the thing that I would find the most interesting for a radio show would be some sort of interactive telling of a strange fantastical world. From what I have heard, “Welcome to Nightvale” is something along this idea, however I have not listened to it to know. The …

  8. @Igtherion

    Audio Reflection


    I must say, I have never really listened to all that many radio shows of this sort. However, the sound effects really tied me into the narrative of what might as well of been a documentary. The “what if” scenario of the piece felt so real in a way that …

  9. @Igtherion

    Weekly Summary (2/4-2/10)


    This week mostly focused on photography skills and editing which was interesting given that I am not particularly skilled in photography. All in all I really appreciated this week because the assignments helped to get me out of my comfort zone.

    @ds106dc #ds106 In 1856 The covent garden theater in …

  10. @Igtherion

    Photo Reflection


    I’ve never been much for taking pictures so my experience with photography is quite limited. When I do take pictures it is generally of things I find funny. Generally my shots are very shoddy given that I hunch over to take the pictures so my body blocks out a lot …

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