1. @imatutu_

    Thematic Thoughts Part 2


    You guys like that alliteration? I know I’m proud of my self.

    Even if you aren’t as proud as I am, we should all be proud of how many different interpretations and perspectives we took in thinking about this all-encompassing overarching theme of “What is your story?” In reading through …

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    The Penny Myth


    Making a haiku is tough work! I’ve always thought the penny falling from the Empire State Building myth about it being able to kill someone was pretty funny. Then I learned about terminal velocity and I wonder where that myth comes from! Either way, I made a haiku for it …

  3. @imatutu_

    For A Good Cause


    This might be just for an assignment for DS106, but Alzheimer’s disease is an incredibly awful disease of the mind that affects the memory of those affected. Loved ones are heartbroken as they are forgotten by the victims of this disease. If you would like to help find a cure …

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    Favorite Nephew


    I chose this assignment because I just couldn’t pass up the opportunity to show off this little man.

    This little person has the cutest smile I have ever laid my eyes upon. He is my one and only nephew and I just love this photo way too much because he’s …

  5. @imatutu_

    Week One Summary


    This week was one heck of a ride trying to set up social media accounts I have never used before. Firstly, I decided on the name for my domain as “crimetribe” because of an inside joke my friends and I in my hometown have, and we have our own domain …

  6. @imatutu_

    Thematic Brainstorm


    What’s our/my story? We can go virtually anywhere we want with a theme like this, and that is exactly what makes the theme work. We are the creators of our own story, digital storytelling is just a method in which we express that story. The methods in which we express …

  7. @imatutu_

    Multimodal Introductions


    Hello again everyone! These are my multimodal introductions, I hope they are enjoyable!

    Hello everyone! Sending this message into the void for my DS106 classmates…. Nice to meet you all! My name is Matthew and I'm a prospective Computer Science major.

    — matutu (@imatutu_) January 29, 2021

  8. @imatutu_



    Hello everyone! My name is Matthew, I am a freshman at UMW this academic year and I am planning on majoring in Computer Science with a minor in Cybersecurity. Great to be here!…

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