1. Ian Reese

    Net 1 Lab 8


    I have been editing videos in Sony Vegas for over 5 years and because the lab was more of a tutorial for the project rather than a learning experience for an experienced video editor, I decided I wasn’t going to get much out of showing up to do the lab. …

  2. Ian Reese

    Net 1 Lab 7


    Ian Reese
    Lab 7: Subnetting

    Objectives: Get a working network set up with subnets.

    Notes and Observations:

    We used 3 routers for this lab so we used 3 bits to be used for the subnet because we wanted room for additional routers. Since our IP was, we were using …

  3. Ian Reese

    Net 1 Lab 6


    Ian Reese
    Lab 6: Web & FTP Servers
    Lab partner: Jon

    Objectives: Using Apache and Filezilla, install a webserver, create a homepage, and set up a FTP page for your partner to view and use as a test.

    Notes and Observations:

    First we downloaded and started up Apache. Once it …

  4. Ian Reese

    Net 1 Lab 5


    Ian Reese
    Lab 5: Sniffing with Wireshark

    Objectives: Track packets as they are sent using wireshark to learn about how they are transferred.

    Notes and Observations:

    Browsing a webpage on a server outside of campus:

    File transfer on FTP server:

    Testing connection with a ping:

    Acquiring a network address …

  5. Ian Reese

    Net 1 Lab 4


    Ian Reese
    Lab 4: IP Networking
    Partner: Jon

    Objectives: Our objective was to create a simple class “C” Network and the configure a router so our class “C” could communicate with a class “B” that another group were doing. Unfortunately we didn’t have the equipment to configure the router so …

  6. Ian Reese

    Net 1 Blog 5


    This week in Networking we went over our test and talked more about encapsulation. Going to be completely honest with this and say that I didn’t learn anything in this week that I can remember.

  7. Ian Reese

    Net 1 Blog 4


    This week in Networking we only had one day of class and took an Exam that day. I did decent, but felt I could’ve done better if I gave some of the questions a second thought. The one that I got wrong that bothers me the most is question 24.    …

  8. Ian Reese

    Net 1 Lab 3


    Ian Reese
    Lab 3: OSI Model

    1. If we already had the TCP/IP model, why was the more complicated OSI model created?

    2. What does the abbreviation OSI stand for? Who originated it? When?

    Open Systems Interconnection. Charles Bachman provided the concept in the 1970′s and it was …

  9. Ian Reese

    Net 1 Blog 3


    This week in Networking 1 class I learned about data sending with encapsulation and how the devices do their job of sending data efficiently.

  10. Ian Reese

    Net 1 Blog 2


    This week I learned about Networking hardware and the OSI Model.

    A lot of the terms that were talked about in the Networking hardware lecture I had already heard of or even knew, but overall I learned a lot and had it put all together. Combined with the OSI Model …

  11. Ian Reese

    Net 1 Lab 2


    Ian Reese
    Lab 2: Network Cables

    Objectives: Make a straight-through cable and crossover cable as well as wire a patch panel.

    Equipment List: 3 foot length CAT5 UTP, RJ-45 connectors, Patch panel,  Wire Stripper, Punch down tool, Scissors, and Crimping tool

    Notes and Observations: I thought this lab was …

  12. Ian Reese

    Net 1 Blog 1


    This week we learned about Networking and Electricity. I enjoy physics, so I already knew a lot of the information over electricity. It did refresh my memory on them and I learnt a few new things, like that resistance is measured in Ohms.

    As for Networking I did learn a …

  13. Ian Reese

    Net 1 Lab 1


    Ian Reese
    Lab 1: Setting up a homepage

    Make a webpage to prepare for the lab reports and blogs we will be doing, contribute to the Networking Wiki, and join the Diigo group.

    I already had this homepage made, so that part was easy. I added some …

  14. Ian Reese

    IR Analyzing a scene


    0:00-0:13 Establishing shot with a dolly

    0:13-0:18 Medium shot

    0:18-0:19 Medium close up (reverse)

    0:19-0:26 Medium shot, camera movement to Medium close up (reverse)

    0:26-0:31 Medium close up (reverse)

    0:31-0:45 Medium close up (reverse)

    0:45-0:49 Medium close up (reverse)

    0:49-1:13 Medium close up (reverse)

    1:13-1:14 Medium close up (reverse)

    1:14-2:05 …

  15. Ian Reese

    IR Types of Shots



    Wide Shot

    Medium Shot

    Medium Close Up

    Close Up

    Extreme Close Up

    Over the Shoulder

    Reaction/Reverse Shot

    Dutch Angle

    Can’t find example yet.

    Dolly (very beginning of video):

    Pan (very beginning of video):


    Can’t find example yet.

  16. Ian Reese

    IR Comments 4 Kids


    I’m pretty cynical so I have a lot negative things to say about all of this, but I’ll try to limit it. First off, man oh man I really don’t like kids. I had a hard time finding blogs to post positive things on. It was really annoying seeing almost …

  17. Ian Reese

    IR TAL Retraction


    -I am working on getting this done, but I strongly dislike this podcast so it is hard getting it finished-

    This week’s This American Life is unlike any other they have ever produced. It is a retraction of the earlier story Mr. Daisey and the Apple Factory.

    Listen to it, …

  18. Ian Reese

    IR Rough Country


    My very own country… Well first of all I would declare myself King, but have no true government. The only power I would have would be the power to banish anyone I deem unworthy of being in my country. The only set laws are no females allowed and you have …

  19. Ian Reese

    IR Radio Lab


    I listened to Radio Lab’s Parasite themed podcast. It was all about the goods, bads, and far outs of parasites. They had a couple of different professionals to talk about parasites or tell a story that made it very interesting. I’m interested in science so I enjoyed learning about parasites …

  20. Ian Reese

    IR Firepole?


    I would have an indoor, soccerfield sized pool with padded walls. Soccer goals and water jet packs would be incorporated so I could have the first ever aquatic soccer field. I would use a beach ball for a soccer ball and play soccer with my friends. Using the jetpacks to …

  21. Ian Reese

    IR Black history month choices


    Barry Sanders

    One of the greatest NFL Running backs of all time, born in Wichita, KS.

    Tyson Gay

    World championship winner in track and field, attended college at Great Bend, KS.

    Lionel Hollins

    NBA champion and All-star and the current head coach of the NBA’s Memphis Grizzlies born in Arkansas …

  22. Ian Reese

    IR Reap what you sow response


    This episode starts off discussing Karma and how a man played that role when he shoveled snow. The second topic was something new to me and quite surprising. They talked about the idea of making immigrants have such a hard life that they leave the country on their own. The …

  23. Ian Reese

    IR Black History Month Poster Proposals


    I can’t find any famous black people that are in the slightest bit associated with Kansas. I can’t even name famous white people that are associated with Kansas for that matter. So I’m just going to pick famous black people that have affected my life in some way.

    Bill Cosby…

  24. Ian Reese

    IR The american life opinions


    From what I heard in class, the episode “Mr Daisey and the Apple Factory” is about an Apple fanatic that found pictures online of the factories that make the Apple hardware. That made him begin to wonder what it is really like working in a factory like that and where …

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