1. Ian Reese

    IR Eames Card Design

    rough: oyster smooth: oyster pearl land: pure desert, warm colors sea: pure sea, cool colors trash: pile of junk treasure: pile of gold, diamonds, etc. hidden: where's waldo esque, lots to look at with text hidden visible: blatant large text, bright, eye catching, dull background fresh: will smith rotten: moldy…
  2. Ian Reese

    IR Banksy’s Style


    I chose to imitate the street artist Banksy for my advertisement. I couldn’t think of a household object, so I made an ad for McDonald’s. Like Banksy, I “graffiti’d” on a wall using his stenciling technique. I tried to make it styled like his, where it is a dark humor, …

  3. Ian Reese

    IR Cubism


    Cubism drew my attention by its interesting way of showing the object being drawn. It is very abstract because it doesn’t just take one viewpoint, but multiple. Picasso and Braque are the two of the first known famous artists to use this style. From what I depict the reason it …

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