1. j1deane

    Mission Statement


    Morgan Freeman.

    I just wanted to type his name, for a second..

    Anyway, the next assignment I will post has to do with my mission statement as an existing, working, money-making non-biased independent cisgender female human individual. Let me break it down for you. 

    Here is a reference link to …

  2. j1deane

    Brand Persona & User History Continued…


    It’s story time again! This time, for class, I have to come up with a ‘character’ who would be a prospective client, or part of the target market/demographic that I, as a graphic designer, would like to appeal to. Trying to pin-point who this person would be is kind of …

  3. j1deane

    Brand Persona & User Story


    I am currently in the midst of trying to finalize my brand persona, and one of the main things to consider is WHO my designs will appeal to – I need to reach a demographic of some sort, slowly but surely. So, when I think of a potential ‘fanbase’ or …

  4. j1deane



    To reflect upon my process wherein I had to gather numbers of people throughout my social media history, and conclude an online social equity, was pretty interesting. I never really knew, or cared about the actual quantity of people following my blog, or liking my posts, or favourite-ing anything I …

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