1. jade

    Sometimes..words are just not enough..

    love by itself..is an amazing feeling..though sometimes it gets all tough..but always make that special one, “feel” special..cause sometimes words are just not enough..

    am not a great poet, with a creative pen..or some writer, people adore..its just tonight m spending with my thoughts..and my feelings, i simply pour..

  2. jade

    What is love??

    What is this love…
    is something i never knew,
    i met a lot who were in love..
    but happy were a few!

    Will i ever love someone,
    is something i never thought;
    but when it happened to me…
    my mind and soul they faught!

    My heart emerged victorious,
    and in…
  3. jade

    The reason..

    You came in my life,
    when it was on a high;
    you stayed through the lows;
    and then time seemed to fly!
    I love you from the bottom of my heart….
    and even i don’t know the reason why…!

    I look back in time,
    and sit back with a sigh;…
  4. jade

    Fade to Shine..

    Not always will life be bright.. nor will the tune be in rhyme.. all you know, you got to make it through.. though you need to fade, to shine!

    They say its tough to succeed.. its tough when you have to grind. I say its toughest to live for others..…
  5. jade

    The Taste of Life..

    Walking on the sidewalk, not knowing where to go! With a few dreams in the eyes, some thoughts in the mind. Looking up to the sunrise, that will lead tomorrow!

    No one knows what’s in store, no one knows, where’s the shore. You still keep going, through the waves, keeping…
  6. jade

    Dark Symphony

    Have you ever been blinded by the inconsiderate rain..
    have you been suffocated by the rain?
    Do your eyes feel hollow and that heart beats shallow..
    It is all you long for..all you need is a little peace..

    To this material world, we are a slave..
    for what is not ours, we …

  7. jade

    Whatever life gives you..

    Sitting by the window, staring in to the rain..watching through the window pane..I wonder why is it called pane..when the other pain can’t make you see through..Why is it simply confusing?? And in my mind, a picture I drew!

    You strive so hard for things you you don’t need..to what …

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