1. jaimeec

    With My Morning Coffee 08.26.2015


    With My Morning Coffee, I Read…. Ashley, you’ve been naughty Ashley Madison seems to be having a bad week, first came to the scandal of names being released, dragging down Josh Duggar with them, now comes news of a hidden sexual harassment case and oh lets not forget that the …

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    With my morning coffee


    Just a few things that I read up on with my morning coffee.   Colorado Vs. The Baker On Thursday, the Colorado appeals court ruled again a Lakewood baker for refusing to make a same-sex couple a cake for their wedding. Details: Three years ago, the baker was approached by …

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    When it hits


    you didn’t realize it would hit this fast, but it did. you’re standing under the street lights the same ones that use to excite you. The faces are different, but they are the same. The shots are watered down, your throat is dry the world around you in spending. The …

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    One Year Later…


    The sense that in a country where one of our basic principles, perhaps the most important principle is equality under the law, that too many individuals particularly young people of color, do not feel as if they are being treated fairly
    -President Obama 09-14-2014

    The post One Year Later… appeared …

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