1. @JakeWaterma

    Weekly Summary 4


    This week we focused on Video Editing / “Reading” Movies. I learned a lot from Roger Ebert’s “How to Read a Movie”. The main points that I got out of it is his technique in pausing and analyzing movies and some of the themes we see in movies. Such as …

  2. @JakeWaterma

    “Video Crack”


    Process: I downloaded the song “My Heart Will Go On” by Celine Dion and took a movie clip form Youtube with the Deathstar / Planet Destroyer 2.0 (or 3.0? I’m not sure how many they’ve made) destroying one of the planets from the newest Star Wars movie. I put them …

  3. @JakeWaterma

    College Snapshot – Orientation


    Process: I used Movie Maker to make this video of my Orientation. I got the photos from my IPhone, I moved them into an album and sent them from my Yahoo email to my School Email. I then uploaded all of the photos and took media from a Chillstep Remix …

  4. @JakeWaterma

    Look, Listen, Analyze


    I chose to do “The Joker Pencil Trick & Mob Scene” for my Look, Listen, Analyze assignment.


    Analyze the Camera Work:

    Everyone started around at once, to the right, as Joker walks in slowly. The camera shows the entire table staring up at the joker. The camera switches between …

  5. @JakeWaterma

    How to read a movie


    I read through Roger Ebert’s article on “How to Read a Movie”, his techniques on how to do it do seem practical and basic. His methods are a bit slow and seems to require an audience, to get a strong grasp of all the details in the movie you are …

  6. @JakeWaterma

    Imagine Dragons Mash Up



    I did a mash up using  Audacity to create a mash of Imagine Dragons – Redioactive and Arctic Monkeys – Do I Wanna Know? for my #3 Assignment for Audio Media.

    I took the two songs and imported them into the Audacity file and tore the original songs apart …

  7. @JakeWaterma

    Mix of XO-Loc Mashup



    I made a combination of two songs Location and Xo Tour Life, to show the different in beat and vocals. In Xo its a faster pace, with less sentimental lyrics but in Location it’s a slow beat and more emotional lyrics. Both these songs are at the top of …

  8. @JakeWaterma

    Sound Effects Story


    Using the audacity program, I took some sounds from the free sound cloud, taking small bits and putting it into a story without using words. I used one word throughout it though, “Taxi!” because I thought it was the best way to show that the person had traveled into the …

  9. @JakeWaterma

    Listening to Stories: Moon Graffiti


    One of the initial things I noticed about the audio recording “Moon Graffiti” is that there are a lot of radio frequency sounds, an alarm signal, and the voices of the astronauts landing. After the astronauts had died, the audio creators used a deep voice (with no background sound) so …

  10. @JakeWaterma

    Experts describe their craft: Storytelling


    The first video I watched was Ira Glass’ Series on storytelling. He talked about the creating the story using an anecdote to make it a step-by-step process that captures the listener. By putting it as a step-by-step, suspense is built up. What is interesting about this piece is he highlights …

  11. @JakeWaterma

    Weekly Summary 2


    I feel that I successfully completed all of the assignments this week. The hardest part was getting used to using GIMP and applying it to the “Are We There Yet” assignment. The daily creates were easy to complete and fun to do. My favorite part was doing the GIF assignments, …

  12. @JakeWaterma

    Do not enter! Enter?



    I created a gif that had two opposite meanings, sometimes signs can be confusing but these are outright contradictory to each other!

    I created this GIF using GIMP…

  13. @JakeWaterma

    Odell GIF



    I created a GIF of the sports player that I think has done the best this year (at least as a wide receiver)


    This is a gif of one of his best catches…

  14. @JakeWaterma

    Sports Poster



    I created a poser for my favorite New York Giants player: Odell Beckham Jr.

    Odell is the highest ranked player on the New York Giants and is a top 5 receiver.

    The Giants have recently won two super bowls but it was before Odell Beckham Jr. joined the New …

  15. @JakeWaterma

    Civil War Photo



    I attempted to edit this photo by turning it black and white and searching through filters on my iphone to give that grungy look. I didn’t have any props to look like a civil war era person but I used a chair to resemble the original picture on this …

  16. @JakeWaterma

    House Darkstar


    Game of Thrones is my favorite show, I can’t wait for the newest season to begin in a couple of days. I used my gamer-tag, Darkstar, as my house. Sadly, I couldn’t find a way to create my own symbol so I used a star and a medieval sword from …

  17. @JakeWaterma

    Design Blitz


    Colors – The top of the trees are really highlighted by warm colors that give off the feeling of the sun setting.


    Dominant – The tennis ball in this picture dominates the background


    Typography – By using my name in a font used by an anime, people understand …

  18. @JakeWaterma

    The Vignelli Canon


    This article by Vignelli was a useful introduction to understanding typography in Graphic Design. His three aspects in Design – Semantic, Syntactic, and Pragmatic I think can be usefully applied in typography and in many other arts and subjects. Semantics is useful for finding a purpose for the projects you …

  19. @JakeWaterma

    First Weekly Summary

    Before starting this class, I had already created a website on www.jakobwaterman.org for being a Peer Mentor in the Fall. I am an orientation leader, and we finished up with orientation just this week so I had a late start on beginning my assignments for this class. I created a…
  20. @JakeWaterma

    me in collage form



    A bunch of words and pictures to describe myself. I am a huge New York Giants fan, I watch all of their games during the Fall and I also have a NYG hat, blanket, and bag. My favorite games are witcher 3, warhammer total war, and Kingdom Hearts. My …

  21. @JakeWaterma

    Shadow of a Doubt


    I chose to do the assignment Shadow of a Doubt as my topic for my first writing assignment. I chose this topic as my first assignment because the concept of a shadow is pretty simple and easy, a shadow is created by blocking light. But, shadows have a lot of …

  22. @JakeWaterma

    Photo Safari



    In under 15 minutes I tried to capture as many photos as I could. I had to research what a converging photo was, I originally had the pitch fork as my converging photo but I saw in the examples that it was more about the distance from the photo …

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