1. jamesb

    Week 15 & Finals!


    This class over the last semester, has been… bittersweet! At first I really though about dropping it because I didn’t really know much and I also was very shy and didn’t want people too see me on video or here me talking. But I would have to say that i …

  2. jamesb

    Customize a Pair of Shoes! (Nikeid Tutorial)


    In this assignment I am going to show you one of my favorite things to do! I collect basketball shoes and have been for the past 4 years, coming up on 60 pairs now. And Nikeid gives this amazing tool where you can put your own little spin on your …

  3. jamesb

    Best Sports Play GIF! (Imgur Tutorial)


    Since I started my Ds106 Career, I have had to make a few GIFs for some assignments. I had always wanted to know how to because I see a lot of them all over Twitter and Instagram. So I found this amazing website or online tool, whatever you would like …

  4. jamesb

    Fabulous Life of a Couch!















    All day and all night, I am sitting here collecting dust. From morning time to night I have sweaty old guys laying on me, kids running and jumping on top of me. And don’t even think about …

  5. jamesb

    Weekly Summary 13&14


    These last two weeks have been…. DIFFERENT! I just recently got my brand new Macbook Air, I am officially a MAC person now! I love it very much but learning how to do everything on here was a bit frustrating I should say, editing photos are a bit fun though. …

  6. jamesb



    This is my remix vs mashups reflection, which took me like a million tries! I kept stuttering over and over again. But I got it done and hope you enjoy it and get what I am trying to say. If you listen you will clearly understand the differences between the …

  7. jamesb

    Focus On One Color [Remixed]


    The focus on one color assignment looked really cool, and I had never done something like it this whole semester so I figured it would give it a shot. I immediately knew what I would take a picture of and I decided it would be a picture of half of …

  8. jamesb

    Video Game Cover Mashup


    Call of Duty; Smash Bros Edition! Fun for all ages! Bring back your childhood and play with one of the famous Mario characters or join the future and enjoy this first person shooter with plenty of exciting action and gore. I thought this would be great idea because the new …

  9. jamesb

    Mashing Friends and Emojis


    I seen this assignment and immediately knew who I wanted to use for it. My girlfriend is alway making those enjoy faces and this has got to be her favorite one. She constantly sends it to me, (maybe because I get on her nerves). It’s nice to have all of …

  10. jamesb

    This Doesn’t Belong Here


    This assignment was to take a scene from a movie and insert something that clearly is not supposed to be there. So I thought about one of my favorite movies “Coach Carter”, and since it is such a serious movie and the fact that is a true story. I thought …

  11. jamesb

    Weekly Summary 11/12


    These last two weeks weren’t to hard. I learned a lot more about Windows Movie Maker than I already knew. I liked the fact that I got to put my own creativity into the videos and use my topic or theme for them. I learned that I really like making …

  12. jamesb

    Having a Conversation With Yourself!


    Here’s my assignment for “Have a Conversation With Yourself”. I wasn’t really excited about doing this because I am a very shy person and hate recording myself! I found it very awkward and weird having a conversation with myself I have no idea how Eddie Murphy or other actor could …

  13. jamesb

    Play it Backwards!


    I thought this video was funny when I was recording it of me playing with my nephews. But then after I reversed it and played it backwards I thought it was HILARIOUS. I don’t know what it is but seeing things in reverse makes them so much funnier.

    I found …

  14. jamesb

    NBA Compilation Video


    The NBA Season has just recently started and already its off to an amazing start! The first few weeks have been very intense and there has been some exciting games. I picked and chose my favorite highlights so far which was crazy difficult. I can tell that it is going …

  15. jamesb

    Sports Mashup !


    Here is the assignment for my “Sports Mashup”, I created this using clips from google and converting them into files that Windows Movie Maker would allow me to use and edit. I also added a title and ending slide to give a couple messages before and after the videos. The …

  16. jamesb

    Moving object! (Minion)


    I chose this assignment because I have never once made a vine. The app has been popular for about 2 years now and I always just used it to watch different vines. So I think it was a bit weird to actually be making one now. It was pretty simple …

  17. jamesb

    Weekly Summary 10


    This weekly focused on Video, which I actually enjoyed because I got to showcase myself a little more which is ALWAYS a fun thing to do. I learned a lot about film making and what goes into it, things like zooms and camera angles that I never even thought about …

  18. jamesb

    Reading Movies


    Roger Ebert’s “How to Read a Movie”:

    Ebert’s view of reading a movie was unlike anything I have ever even thought about. His analysis goes does all the way into how to view a character. He says that the characters on the right side of the image are positive, and …

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