1. jaydam

    Elena Borstein Art Gallary


    Elena Borstein is a former professor at CUNY York College in Jamiaca, Queens. After 18 years she came back to show her love for architecture and art in our schools gallery. The Exhibit is titled “Gift of Art”, there is around 15-20 paintings inside the exhibit. All the pieces of …

  2. jaydam

    Faked Allegations?

    by: JaydaM

    A story that interest me in the news within the last week is the Jussie Smollett story. According to new reports Jussie Smollett faked the entire attack and is now having charges pressed against him. Earlier this month Jussie Smollet was walking in Chicago and was supposedly attacked …

  3. jaydam

    The Journalism Market. Is Journalism dying?


    Recently I read about four or five articles about journalism. Some of them had similarities and some of them had differences. Each article showed journalism from a different perspective.

    The New York Times article “Does Journalism Have A Future?” discusses the future and the future of newspapers. Early daily newspapers …

  4. jaydam

    Midterm Elections


    In the next couple of weeks, the midterm elections will be here. The midterm elections are the elections where seats in the House of Representatives and Senate change. Many are excepting and hoping that the Senate and House of Representatives turn blue. According to an article from NBC news, it …

  5. jaydam

    What is a fill in?


    A fill-in is the upkeep of nails. Its the same process of putting the acrylic nails on but does not require putting the actual nail on. A feeling is required every 2 weeks unless it is time for a new set of acrylic nails.…

  6. jaydam

    How do you pick designs?


    When I first started getting my nail done my designs used to come from the internet. The designs were based on things I liked that I saw other people do. Now my designs come straight from my nail technician. He is a really creative and he knows what I like …

  7. jaydam

    Do they make your nails weak?


    It all depends on the person. I would say my nails became stronger. Although recently I’ve had problems with my nails it was because I wasn’t taking care of them. For a while, I used to just get my nails wrapped but then they broke and I started to do …

  8. jaydam

    How often do you get your nails done?


    Acrylic tips take a lot of maintaining. Usually, I get my nails done in two or three weeks. Once the acrylic powder and nails are lifting it is best to go get them redone. Sometimes when you wait too long you risk an infection on your nail beds. If I …

  9. jaydam

    Who does your nails?


    I had so many different nail technicians. Sometimes I go to this Instagram famous nail salon BlingBlingNails. Now I go to a nail salon by my house.…

  10. jaydam

    What are acrylic nails?


    Acrylic nails are pretty much fake nails. They are used as nail extensions and are known as fashion accessories. They are made to look like actual nails. If done by the right person people won’t know they are fake.  They are different than regular manicures because they require more of …

  11. jaydam

    A Quick FAQ


    I always get asked about my nails. My nails are always done unless I didn’t make it to the nail salon. So guess what I am going to do. I am going to create a quick Frequently Asked Questions about my nails.

    What are acrylics? Who does your nails? How…
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    The Effects Social Media Has On People


    by Jayda Myrick

    In our look at writing for electronic media, a recent article in the New York Times about the web and the possible end of text messages. There are multiple articles within the one article. The article that intrigued us the most was the one titled “Even the …

  13. jaydam

    New Writing Tips


    The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention developed a toolkit to help people learn to write on the web. The toolkit was created because the CDC went through trial and error to create good web posts.

    The CDC gives good social media and communication strategies. Some tips they gave was …

  14. jaydam

    Techniques for Web Writing

    Improving Online Writing

    by: Jayda Myrick

    Since I first started writing for the web I did not know much. Now I can so I learned so many new techniques and I would like to help others. There are so many ways to improve your online writing and technology concepts.

    To …

  15. jaydam

    Web Writing in Different Forms


    There are many news stories and major news websites. To make or create a unique news story you have to be different from others. Many of the unique websites or stories have things in common. The similarities could be the technology, web design and topics of the stories.

    SX Salon…
  16. jaydam

    State of Emergency

    Governor Cuomo Visits Housing Complex

    In recent media, Governor Andrew Cuomo went on a tour of a housing complex in East Harlem. The housing complex is apart of New York City Housing Authority. The complex is Taft Houses. The tour of the NYCHA complex comes after many NYCHA residents filed …

  17. jaydam

    New Blog Idea


    Next major post that I will be writing is will be about one of these:

    Governor Cuomo announced a state of emergency for New York City Public Housing The start of the jury selection for the “Brooklyn Butcher” who stabbed two children in the elevator killing one. Driver who hit…
  18. jaydam

    New Brooklyn Rapper


    Finding the perfect beat or the perfect flow is something all lyricist need. Some struggle and some prevail, it takes determination to try to make it in the industry.

    Rapping is something people do for the fun of it but for some its what drives them and makes them want …

  19. jaydam

    Southeast Queens Biennial



    So on Tuesday, I got a chance to go to the art exhibit at my college. It’s called the Southeast Queens Biennial. The work is made by all different artist that is from the Southeast Queens area. I’m assuming they created this exhibit to show the work of the…
  20. jaydam

    Profile of an up and coming Photographer and Rapper !


    So I have an interview coming up with a very determined and lyrically amazing rapper. He does photography as well and I am very fond of his work.

    Name: Zachary

    He is 20 Years old and from Brooklyn, New York and is a graduate of Borough of Manhattan Community College.…

  21. jaydam

    Blog Helpers


    Since I am using this website for one of my classes for school my professor introduced us to some websites to help us get going and get people interested in our blog. This website gives different website or apps to help create creative, unique blogs. One of the things I …

  22. jaydam

    Beginning of the semester blues


    The semester just started and I already feel like I am drowning in assignments. Trying to get my assignments done and manage to go to work and still hang out with friends is hard. After having a long break you have to gradually get into a flow of going back …

  23. jaydam

    Blog Ideas


    I’m back using my website. I have not used it for over a year. I don’t know what I am going to talk about yet within my blog post. I have three ideas. One is about entertainment news and the other would be helping other people get their businesses out …

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