1. jayhamilton

    My Editing Work At TWC – NY1


    This was an example package I edited while I interned at Time Warner Cable NY1. It was not the same as the one that NY1 originally did previously for on air. I originally worked with the ENG department. However, when I got the opportunity to get some experience with the …

  2. jayhamilton

    St. Patty’s on 5th Ave.


    This video is a contrasting portrait of St. Patrick’s Roman Catholic cathedral as it stands on 5th Ave. in Manhattan among high end retail stores. This was shot over several days using a DSLR and mostly handheld shots. I wanted to show St. Patrick’s at a time when it was …

  3. jayhamilton

    My Mash-up Masterpiece


    The clip above is just a demo reel of some of the work I did this semester. I chose what I consider to be the best work I did, I had fun working on it, hope you enjoy.…

  4. jayhamilton

    Left Over Renew



    l – r: a) The App icon b)The App Store c) iPhone Homepage


    My idea for an app idea would be one concerning left over food. However most people usually just gather whatever left overs they have in their fridge just take what ever is in there and pop …

  5. jayhamilton

    On A Race To Save The World


    For this group project we had decided to do a story line that would spin-off from my previous story about Michael Boyd. My group decided that we would play of the fact that Michael was now an independent spy and could almost do any job he wanted to do.…

  6. jayhamilton

    Apple Is Better


    Earlier when I said that the green screen was the toughest project I did for the semester, I was mistaken. I had yet to attempt working white screen. However I must say this that this project was more fun to work on. For class we were challenged to create a …

  7. jayhamilton

    Sweet Sound of Heading Home


    For the sound walk assignment, I chose to record my sound by the small bus depot by the opposite the library on Merrick Boulevard and 89th Avenue. For the soundscape I did for some sound mapping in Jamaica, Queens close here to York. To be exact I was by the …

  8. jayhamilton

    Rally 3D


    This assignment was my first attempt at making a 2 dimensional image appear to have 3D depth to it. This picture was taken during Rally from back home in Barbados, and every rally in Barbados is epic. I took the image and created layers in Photoshop. Then I had to …

  9. jayhamilton

    Chilling in Times Square


    This segment was about working with green screen. I think this was the most difficult assignment so far. The removal of the green screen was not that hard it was placing the keyed out video on to the original video to get it as close as possible with color correction …

  10. jayhamilton

    Behind The Life of The Party


    Life of the party eh. What an interesting name for a short film where the leading role is murdered in every outcome. However I think overall the class put forward a very good effort collectively to bring everything together as a first effort.

    I think with everyone besides the actors …

  11. jayhamilton

    Reign In Productions


    For this project I wanted to do an animation based on the play of the word reign. Plus I also wanted to have a sand effect into a rain sequence. Below is the first part (of 4) of the tutorial that inspired me to do a similar intro. The difference …

  12. jayhamilton

    Caribbean Humming Bird


    For this animation I chose to animate the Caribbean Airlines logo (seen below) using After Effects, which allowed me to use the puppet tool on the bird and write-on on the text, which is how they animate at the end of the commercial. I also used real humming bird sounds …

  13. jayhamilton

    Lost Ones Typography Short


    Let me first say that this was probably the toughest assignment I had in the motion graphics class and took me over the course of 3 days to complete. The task was to create a animation of a song that you liked. So we had to use audio effects, 3D …

  14. jayhamilton

    Termination : The Choice of Boyd


    For the first part of my story here is my character development of Michael Boyd:

    I was born in Scotland 1975. My mother was Irish born and raised in Scotland while my father was born in Jamaica raised for a bit in St. Vincent and then moved with his family …

  15. jayhamilton

    A Rolling Stone


    For this animation, the challenge here was to create an animation in about 8-10 secs using shapes, text on a path & parenting. We had to do all of this using a phrase, a saying or a poem, along with our choice of fonts, shapes and movements that would be …

  16. jayhamilton

    The Hard Life Living in BK


    So I chose to review stories done by Kunal and Deji. I must say it was kind of weird realizing how close these individual stories sound. For me though I felt like they definitely could have been expanded.

    For Devlin written by  Kunal. it was weird reading how his …

  17. jayhamilton

    The Countdown


    The challenge here was to create a countdown in our own style. The countdown I did was inspired by a similar one I saw. I just added different music since I wanted to try placing audio with the animation. So the audio plays in time with the number then faster …

  18. jayhamilton

    Graphics and My Interactive Story


    John Alvin was an American cinematic artist who created some of the world’s most recognizable movie  posters. Alvin created art for over 135 films during his career. His style of work became known as “Alvinesque” in the entertainment industry.



    Character Development of Male Character:

    I was born in Scotland …

  19. jayhamilton

    DQ Rocky Roll


    This is my first animation I created with After Effects. The task was to animate a logo. I decided to take apart Diary Queen’s logo and put it back together in a quirky way.

    I took the original Diary Queen logo and broke it down into 5 parts into …

  20. jayhamilton

    Jonathan Quash & York College


    My second News Segment / Short Doc project for the Fall “14 semester. This highlighted Jonathan Quash a professor at York College who is the director of the college’s Mens Center and is a graduated student of York College.

    This project was completed by a group of 4. I took …

  21. jayhamilton

    Raising Hellraiser with Scott Sethna


    This video unlike the previous video was an actual in studio assignment. This was an individual project, however we still worked as a group in the class. What that means is that all members of the class were individual producers, but for each member when it was their turn to …

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