1. jayhamilton

    Friends Faking it to get to Fun Rides


    This project was not found in the DS106 bank, but was an original idea which turned into a group project. So for this project we had 3 members for the group who were Laywah, Khalil and myself Jayson. The idea for this project was to create a story of three …

  2. jayhamilton

    Shorty Stuck in South Central Matrix


    This project is based on the DS106 audio bank assignment Dialogue Mashup. This assignment asked us to take two different movies and extract the dialogues from scenes and re-edit them to create a story.


    Here try this other video since that original one was removed:

    I chose to …

  3. jayhamilton

    Portrait Progression Post


    So this post has no real connection to DS106 but is rather for another class I did this Fall 2013. This basically is a way for me to show the progress of how my final project came to the place that it managed to get to. This class was no …

  4. jayhamilton

    Man Up Live Up


    So for summer so far I’ve been relaxing to some extent doing some reading and research into media related stuff and other stuff that I find interesting. What I happened to come across in the last couple of weeks is this video competition that just wrapped up back home(Barbados). It …

  5. jayhamilton

    The End of The Beginning


    So here we are at the end of the semester for CT101/DS106. What a ride this has been. I would admit going into this class, I had no idea where it would lead to which is not a bad thing and certainly kept it interesting. I must admit there was …

  6. jayhamilton

    I liked this one I believe


    I would have to say of all the activities I did for the semester my favorite would have one I did for the DS106 Sardonic Mashup audio assignment.

    This was an assignment I enjoyed doing the most, because firstly it was a spoof of an apology of a ridiculous situation …

  7. jayhamilton

    My Beautiful Dark Watadori


    In response to CT101s post Fairness and Fair Use, I chose to look at the current ongoing case between popular Wu-Tang rapper/ producer and now recently actor and director Robert Diggs aka RZA or Bobby Digital. RZA was the producer for Kanye West’s single “Dark Fantasy” from his album …

  8. jayhamilton

    Week 13 already?? So quick


    In response to Prof. Chloe’s post this Friday gone. I watched the James Gee video on video games and interacting with media. What stood out for me is the evidence which found that text books have been the least successful tools.  I remember back home in Barbados having similar discussions …

  9. jayhamilton

    Where They at Now?? Where??


    Wow we are week 10 already…. this semester will soon be over so quick. For this week we worked in groups making mockumentaries. My group chose to do an aftermath interview of “Artist Hughes”, aka Roger Hitterman, the bus driver who was fired for punching a 25 year old …

  10. jayhamilton

    Javits Jigsaw puzzle


    This is my third entry into the DS106 Hangin’ With Hockney visual assignment.  I took my 14 shots for this one outside the Javits Center in the evening when I was leaving, I only regret not thinking about doing it earlier but it still works I guess.

    The process for …

  11. jayhamilton

    370 Z Layered up


    So last week I had the privilege of going to the Auto Show in Manhattan. Imagine 113 years and still holding strong……cars are just awesome. So any how as I was there and checking out the awesome rides and some not released yet, others that felt soooo right sitting in …

  12. jayhamilton

    Sure Letterman……. I believe you…sure


    So I had this other mash up interview I did with David Letterman. This again is another interview public-apology type with Oprah, however unlike Lance Armstrong’s which came after years of denials, Letterman’s interview came after much apologies to different celebrities. Here is the clip form Oprah’s show on her …

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