1. jayhamilton

    Week 5 Already


    This week I was able to watch most of Prof. Larry Lessig’s speech on “Aaron’s Laws“. Till this year when he did apparent suicide. He was really smart from what I read. It was interesting to see how when you really look at it access to meaningful information …

  2. jayhamilton

    Amazing Web Shooter


    So what I have here is a comic book cover which I found on Google image search. This was one of a couple choices I made for this assignment so I will be attempting more. The idea to animate the comic cover came from the DS 106 bank and more …

  3. jayhamilton

    Get Your Game……Swish



    This poster remix was done for the DS106 assignment, “Remixed Game Covers“. Its interesting how  some of us won’t consider going outside to play most sports, but are willing to indulge in in these simulations year after year. Probably so the closet in fantasy of controlling your …

  4. jayhamilton

    Can you read it??



    This here is a simple riddle I did just for DS106 assignment Throw Back Riddles. This was not that hard either just searched and chose the images from Google. Then I simply arranged them in powerpoint. Tell me can you read it??…

  5. jayhamilton

    He really isn’t scary



    This here is a pic of a Japanese Akita. One of the best pets for dogs you could ever have. Most persons are scared of Akitas but like anything they give you back what you give them. This is not a pic of mine however, this one looked so …

  6. jayhamilton

    Restored Classic!



    I managed to find this old advert for a vintage Cadillac in my Google image search. It’s actually a 1962 Cadillac 60 Special. My gosh these cars were huge. And at a cost of $6366 in 1962 this model designed to be the cheap line from Cadillac would cost …

  7. jayhamilton

    Just GIFimenting some more.



    Rock out that chair Janet.




    Float in mid air Michael or are you hmmmm.



    So this is just me trying to gif other parts of the video Scream by Michael and Janet Jackson. My aim here was to get them both separately doing a …

  8. jayhamilton

    Taste The Table


    Have a table joker.This Joker here has to be the best villain when it comes to comic books but that is only my opinion. So this was taken from the interrogation scene in the movie The Dark Knight Rises

    Since I don’t own Photoshop personally I actually used Michael Smith’s …

  9. jayhamilton

    Surviving Week Two!


    In response to Gardner Campbell’s essay and video, I truly believe that MOOCs like this class should and will become a part of higher education and will become a the standard so to say. Why I say so? Institutions who boast of being leading may find themselves and their …

  10. jayhamilton

    Whoooo Hooooo Ravens win Superbowl !!!


    Ray Lewis and team celebrates his retirement with Superbowl win. Check out a couple pics from last night’s win compliments sports.yahoo.com

    Baltimore Ravens inside linebacker Ray Lewis

    Baltimore Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco (5) and linebacker Ray Lewis celebrate.

    Baltimore Ravens fullback Vonta Leach (top) and defensive back Chykie Brown (23) …

  11. jayhamilton

    First Week


    In the beginning this week felt enormous now things feel much smoother. Hopefully that will be the feeling through out this class!!!…

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