1. jbelodeau

    Final Portfolio


    For my final portfolio I decided to work with my favorite assignments this semester, I chose to update my Twitter bot, my remix project, my glitch art and my screensaver. I wanted to work on these projects because I felt that I could really get creative with each of these …

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    Creative Coding: Clock


    Working with the p5.js web editing software, I was able to create an analog clock that displayed the hour, minute and second of time. The inspiration behind my design came from my fathers wrist watch, it has a very minimalistic clock face and the only numbers visible are 12,3,6,9. I …

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    For this project our class was tasked to create our own Twitter bot that is able to post at least once a day, as well as produce 100,000 different tweets. I decided that I would create a Twitter account that would tweet out things that Squidward hates. My original tweet …

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    For this project our class was tasked to create a code that would write 50,000 words. I recently watched the film The Shining and I drew inspiration for my project from one of the scenes. During the film Jack Nicholson is working on a novel while he is living in …

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    Creative Coding: Screensaver


    For this project our class was tasked to create an interesting looping screensaver using the program p5.js. I wanted to make my screensaver look like an explosion, and after much trial and error I finally created something that looked how I wanted it to. To create my final product, I …

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    Project: Glitch Gallery


    This has been my favorite project so far. I really enjoyed creating my own glitch art, I found this whole project to be a lot of fun. I had trouble using the avidemux program on my computer, I downloaded at least five different versions of it including 2.5,2.5.4 and 2.7 …

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    More Poetry Oh Noetry


    For our third project our class was tasked to create a code that produces lines of poetry. I had a very hard time completing this project, but after much trial and error I finally created something that worked. I decided that I wanted to create a two line poem because …

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    Week Five Summary


    This will be my final blog post that I make, seeing as the course is coming to an end. I found that this course was pretty challenging, and it was hard to keep up at times. Most of the assignments were very interesting but figuring out how to complete them …

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    Tutorials for Hoop Dreams

    Highlight video

    Step One: Find clips off of Youtube.com.

    Step Two: Convert and download videos.

    Step Three: Add selected videos to iMovie to edit into tape.

    Step Four: Find audio track.

    Step Five: Download track and add to video.

    Step Six: Save and export as file.

    Step Seven: Upload to …

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    Hoop Dreams: The Jack Belodeau Story


    Sometimes in life things don’t always go just as you plan, but that doesn’t mean that everything won’t work out in the end. This is the story of Jack Belodeau, a true underdog. Jack was an incredibly talented basketball player, he had set numerous records while playing basketball in high …

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    Week 4 summary


    This was by far the most fun i’ve had in this class yet, I really enjoyed messing around with different video software and getting to create my own videos. I thought that the assignments were interesting and allowed me to use my creativity.

    Part 1: Video Assignments

    Video Assignment 1:

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    Why so serious?


    The Dark Knight is one of my all time favorite movies, and I loved Heath Ledger as the Joker, he made the character seem so creepy and sinister. So when I saw that the pencil scene from The Dark Knight was an option for the look, listen, analyze assignment I …

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    Are you too good for your home ball?


    For my second video assignment I made a compilation of some of my favorite Adam Sandler scenes. The assignment was to make highlight reel of scenes from my favorite actor, and I decided to do Adam Sandler. I chose Adam Sandler because I love his movies, but only his movies …

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    Kelly Oubre Jr. is the G.O.A.T.


    For my first video assignment I completed this week, I made a sports highlight reel of my favorite player in the NBA, Kelly Oubre Jr. of the Washington Wizards. I am a huge Wizards basketball fan and I even have a Kelly Oubre Jr. Wizards jersey. I have used the …

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    Reading Movies


    I am a huge film fanatic and watching movies is one of my favorite things to do with my free time. After I read Roger Ebert’s How to read a movie, watching movies won’t be the same for me. I never really thought about how small details like the …

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    Week 3 Summary


    I felt that this week had some of the most difficult but interesting assignments that I had to complete. I really enjoyed using audio software and creating my various recordings. I had struggled in the beginning of the week with using the software, and completing my audio assignments, but the …

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    ScottLo and Ted Radio Hour


    I found that these recordings were very helpful with creating my audio assignments this week. I picked up some useful techniques from the Ted Radio Hour, such as how to use various sound effects to help draw in listeners, or how music can really help to make the recordings more …

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    Moon Graffiti


    I really enjoyed listening to this podcast, I thought it was really well done. The use of eerie music and layered audio really helped to set the tone for the entire podcast, it really helped to keep me hooked. The entire podcast seemed very believable, I liked how they added …

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    Daily Creates Week 3


    For my first daily create this week we had to start with one word, and create a new word by changing one letter at a time. I tried to work my way down to a smaller word, and once I made it to a two letter word, I worked my …

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    Ira Glass and Jad Abumrad Reflection


    I found that these videos were very helpful and they set a good foundation for what we were going to be doing for the week. I have a small background in audio storytelling, but I wasn’t very comfortable with what we were going to be doing this week, but after …

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    Fast Food


    For my final audio assignment this week I had to record myself ordering fast food from a restaurant using some sort of accent. I chose to use a British accent because my Mother’s side of the family are all from England, so I thought it would be fun to mimmic …

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    Peep my mixtape fam


    The third assignment I completed this week was to create my own mixtape, I really enjoyed this, and I decided to make a work out warm up tape. I went a little overboard with the songs and made my mix over thirty minutes long, because I really enjoyed making it. …

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    This is a stickup


    My second assignment I did this week was the required one, I had to tell a story only using sound effects. I was watching the show Cops when I started the assignment, and I was inspired by what I was seeing on T.V. I decided to make my story about …

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    My attempt at being a radio host.


    This was the first audio assignment I completed this week, I had to create my own 15-30 second radio bumper, which is basically a signature intro to a radio station. I had a lot of fun with this assignment, because I used to really want to have my own radio …

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    Week 2 review


    For week 2 we had focused on design principles and photography. This week we had to complete five different design assignments for a total of 12 stars.

    For my first design assignment I had to design my own signature shoe, I chose to use the website NikeiD  to create my …

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    Design Blitz


    For this assignment I was tasked with taking pictures of things that represented certain design elements. I found that this blitz was harder than the blitz I had to do last week.

    Minimalism: My grandfather gave me a Movado watch for my high school graduation present, and the watch is …

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    This is what makes me happy


    For my fourth daily create, I had to make a photo collage of the three things that make me the most happy, I chose pictures of my family, my dog Nigel and my lacrosse team. I used the app Pic Stitch to create this collage.

    #ds106 #tdc1612 here are the …

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    Bart Simpson is my Spirit Animal


    For my third Daily Create, I made a GIF of Bart Simpson dancing, because I thought it was an accurate representation of my mood at the time. Any time I get to incorporate The Simpson’s into my school work, this is how I feel.

    #Ds106 #tdc1738 I’m GIFing it up! …

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