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  1. jbelodeau

    Final Portfolio

    For my final portfolio I decided to work with my favorite assignments this semester, I chose to update my Twitter bot, my remix project, my glitch art and my screensaver. I wanted to work on these projects because I felt that I could really get creative with each of these assignments. I decided to work … Continue reading "Final Portfolio"
  2. jbelodeau


    For this project our class was tasked to create our own Twitter bot that is able to post at least once a day, as well as produce 100,000 different tweets. I decided that I would create a Twitter account that would tweet out things that Squidward hates. My original tweet was Squidward hates #apples. Squidward … Continue reading "Project:Bot"
  3. jbelodeau


    For this project our class was tasked to create a code that would write 50,000 words. I recently watched the film The Shining and I drew inspiration for my project from one of the scenes. During the film Jack Nicholson is working on a novel while he is living in a remote empty hotel with his … Continue reading "NaNoGenMo"
  4. jbelodeau

    Week 4 summary

    This was by far the most fun i’ve had in this class yet, I really enjoyed messing around with different video software and getting to create my own videos. I thought that the assignments were interesting and allowed me to use my creativity. Part 1: Video Assignments Video Assignment 1: Highlight Reel  – 5 stars … Continue reading "Week 4 summary"
  5. jbelodeau

    Why so serious?

    The Dark Knight is one of my all time favorite movies, and I loved Heath Ledger as the Joker, he made the character seem so creepy and sinister. So when I saw that the pencil scene from The Dark Knight was an option for the look, listen, analyze assignment I had to pick it. I first watched … Continue reading "Why so serious?"
  6. jbelodeau

    Daily Creates Week 4

    My first Daily Create, #tdc2016, I completed this week was to make a dancing robot on the website I did my best to have my robot do a popular dance called the Milly Rock, which is basically just moving your hands in a scooping motion while moving your hips and feet. I liked messing around … Continue reading "Daily Creates Week 4"
  7. jbelodeau

    Reading Movies

    I am a huge film fanatic and watching movies is one of my favorite things to do with my free time. After I read Roger Ebert’s How to read a movie, watching movies won’t be the same for me. I never really thought about how small details like the positioning of characters on screen or what … Continue reading "Reading Movies"
  8. jbelodeau

    Week 3 Summary

    I felt that this week had some of the most difficult but interesting assignments that I had to complete. I really enjoyed using audio software and creating my various recordings. I had struggled in the beginning of the week with using the software, and completing my audio assignments, but the more I practiced, the better … Continue reading "Week 3 Summary"
  9. jbelodeau

    Moon Graffiti

    I really enjoyed listening to this podcast, I thought it was really well done. The use of eerie music and layered audio really helped to set the tone for the entire podcast, it really helped to keep me hooked. The entire podcast seemed very believable, I liked how they added static to the dialogue to … Continue reading "Moon Graffiti"
  10. jbelodeau

    Fast Food

    For my final audio assignment this week I had to record myself ordering fast food from a restaurant using some sort of accent. I chose to use a British accent because my Mother’s side of the family are all from England, so I thought it would be fun to mimmic them. I also decided to … Continue reading "Fast Food"
  11. jbelodeau

    Week 2 review

    For week 2 we had focused on design principles and photography. This week we had to complete five different design assignments for a total of 12 stars. For my first design assignment I had to design my own signature shoe, I chose to use the website NikeiD  to create my own take on the Lebron … Continue reading "Week 2 review"
  12. jbelodeau

    Design Blitz

    For this assignment I was tasked with taking pictures of things that represented certain design elements. I found that this blitz was harder than the blitz I had to do last week. Minimalism: My grandfather gave me a Movado watch for my high school graduation present, and the watch is a great example of Minimalism … Continue reading "Design Blitz"
  13. jbelodeau

    Im Very Serious

    For my second Daily Create I had to take a very serious selfie, it wasn’t as easy as it sounds, my front camera on my cell phone is a little broken so taking this picture was somewhat of a struggle. my most serious critical face #Ds106 #tdc1648 — Jack Belodeau (@Belodeau_Jack) July 9, 2017 … Continue reading "Im Very Serious"

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