1. jbelodeau

    Daily Creates


    For my first Daily Create I had to make a GIF of a person or an animal walking, and I decided to try to make a GIF of a person walking as goofy as possible. So I went through several youtube videos until I found one that I liked. I …

  2. jbelodeau

    Red Carpet Design Assignment 4


    My fourth design assignment for the week was the required assignment where I had to take a picture and edit it so that I am somewhere else and I was doing something different. I used a picture that was taken on Halloween 2015, my friends and I were dressing up …

  3. jbelodeau

    HypeBeast Sneakers Design Assignment One


    I chose to do this assignment for one of my five due this week, because I really enjoy the sneaker culture. I love looking at all the crazy types of sneakers that are being released these days, and I thought it would be fun to create my own. For this …

  4. jbelodeau

    Animated GIF Assignment 1, Best Sports Play


    For this animated GIF assignment I was tasked to make a GIF of the what I thought the best sports play of the year. I am a huge Washington Wizards fan, and the first play that came to my mind was John Wall’s block in game one of the series …

  5. jbelodeau

    First Week Review


    I really liked that I had the freedom to go through the assignments in the bank and choose to do the ones that I wanted to. It made the process of getting 10 stars way easier, having tons of options is very helpful. Here are the links to my visual …

  6. jbelodeau

    Visual Assignment 4: Your Very Own Spubble


    For this assignment I was tasked with making my own Spubble “meme”. I think that my friend’s face is an accurate reaction to forgetting to do your homework for class.

    This is for the Your Very Own Spubble assignment that can be found in the ds106 assignment bank.

  7. jbelodeau

    Photo Safari


    I really enjoyed doing this assignment, but I thought it was a bit challenging because of the 15 minute time restriction, I did have a little trouble trying to take pictures of things that would fit all of the objectives, but I managed to finish in the time frame. All …

  8. jbelodeau

    Visual Assignment 5: Troll Quotes


    For this assignment I was tasked to find an image of a famous person, then add a famous quote from a different famous character/person, and finally attribute the quote to a third famous character/person. I choose to take an image of Stan Smith, a character from the hit cartoon Tv …

  9. jbelodeau

    Visual Assignment 3: We’ve Found Your Match


    For this assignment I was tasked to find a celebrity lookalike for one of my close friends, I chose to find a lookalike for my close friend Sean, last halloween he went as the SNL star Andy Samberg, and I think that he nailed it! Andy Samberg is the guy …

  10. jbelodeau

    Daily Create


    For my first daily create I made a fantasy band made up of Jim Morrison from the Doors, Jimi Hendrix and Jerry Garcia from the Grateful Dead, the band’s name would be “Legends”. Heres the Tweet


    My second daily create I was tasked to find a picture of someone …

  11. jbelodeau

    First Blog Post DS106


    Hello everyone, my name is Jack Belodeau, I am a Junior Digital Studies and Communications major at UMW and this is my blog for my Digital Story Telling class. This blog will be used only for class related posts. My twitter is Jack Belodeau you should follow me to see …

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