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    Happy Veteran’s Day


    We are celebrating Veterans in our school today! They will have a parade in our halls and then join classes to have more cozy settings. Every teacher is doing something a little bit different to honor our men and women. Here is a picture of the mini posters that Mrs. …

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    I wish everyone would take a step back and consider what they DID learn beginning in Kindergarten for most…we take turns, we do not shout at each other, we do not take things away from someone, we talk politely, we help, we are respectful, we collaborate and do our best, …

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    on Passwords


    Learning by the seat of your pants can be rewarding, but it can also be exasperating. I am going to go with the exasperating for now, particularly passwords. On the culminating months of my CU Denver INTE trek I am STILL looking up and asking for and getting texted codes …

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    My life with technology! I posted a HUGE I guess rant…about passwords…I think I did not press “Publish” therefore I think I did not save it! I’ll come back!  

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    Happy Halloween


    …at a friend’s home so she can go Trick o’ Treating with girls…I am here with her daughter who has autism…my friend has to be 24/7/365 available with her family, so helping here and there is good for both of us…like she says…autism sucks…ahhh life…she also lost her husband—37 yrs. …

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    The U$A educational system has MUCH to correct. Those of us in the trenches feel as though our hands are tied, like we’ve taken an oath to seed out creativity and allow mundane to surface, spilling over into all content areas. If you are unfortunately reading below grade level then…
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    Father’s Day


    Reaching the LORD through prayer 

    Earnestly asking God to preserve you & company 

    Jostling, turning in sleep, waking @ 4AM to continue prayers

    Openly knowing God’s reality is not mine I persevere in prayer

    In Christ we are united, you are my brother, dearly loved…

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    On Reading


    My family LOVES to read! My summer CU Denver course/project centers on “learning sight words”. I found this article about r-e-a-d-i-n-g, the ultimate goal; I’m hoping to enlighten educators and more…perhaps nationwide…on better ways to learn to read! ….this thought is from the article, “Can Reading Make You Happier” linked …

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    Seeing and Saying

    …because writing sight words bigger on cards will help the learner to know, pronounce, and use them…that’s like speaking louder to someone who does not speak English …because making Bingo cards with sight words will help the learner to know, pronounce, and use them…that’s like lining up hair and body…
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    My group for INTE 5200 and for starters, we introduced ourselves using linoit.com. Very fun!!!

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    INTE 5200


    new adventures, new classmates, new learning with CU Denver and professors:Len Scrogan, Laura Goldin, and Joy Vigil.

    Our task…WE are the LEAGUE of DESIGN, each with our own superhero capabilities. Will you master your own powers? Will you help us defeat the vile villain, the nefarious Dr. Cosmic Boredom? We …

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    Week 15 Stories that Matter


    This began by me typing ‘short digital stories that matter’ and I found the following. I did not explore this site fully, but I found it intriguing. I still think about kids, elementary kids. Even though the video has adults asking and telling about their desires and ideas…what’s to say …

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    Week 15 Chapter 6; Gaming:Storytelling on a Small Scale




    I had to look the word “apophenia” right out of the gate with this statement by Alexander (2011) “Looking for storytelling in gaming makes too much of too little, and exercise in apophenia. Alternatively, story isn’t simply that important to the real function of games.” (p. 91).

    Then …

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    Mother’s Day…to Mom in Iowa


    Imagine we’re together enjoying the
    fresh berries and chocolatey good
    pretzels…most likely discussing
    life, family, books, PEO, and Bartok. I
    love you momma. Happy Mother’s Day!

    I sent this message with the Sherri’s Berries and dipped pretzel sticks!

    My Momma

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    Daily Create


    @ds106dc  #tdc1577

    Today’s daily create is for everyone, but especially some folks at Fleming College — invent your own thing that could be used to retrain some of them ol’ synapses in your brain.

    I LOVE these…I LOVE to create, to be zany, to be unlike the “norm.”

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    From INTE 5665 Social Media and Digital Culture. Several years later I see it and am moved! We need worldwide social media being used to break down walls and to build bridges.


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    Daily Create

    @ds106dc  #tdc1570 A story in Mashable tells how the editor of the Depression era series of photographers, Roy Stryker, would ruthlessly edit and “kill” photos he disliked by piercing the images with a hole punch. See what you can do to “undo” this damage, re-edit one of them and fill…
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    Privacy in Social Media

    INTE 5665 CU Denver found us at one juncture reflecting on privacy in social media. Here is what I shared last Wednesday for our discussion post. Even before the advent of technology on steroids–with hyperlinks–to hop you quicker, privacy was probably also at an all time low. I am from…
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    Week 13 Chapter 7 New Literacies, Reflection

    Social Learning ‘push’ and ‘pull’, and building platforms for collaborative thinking If I’m thinking correctly, and I do like how this chapter addresses the change, particularly in education, that collaboration is building while curriculum for curriculums sake is waning. I can testify that the variety of learning now available via…
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    Week 13 Digital Story Critique

    This has to be an ode to growing older in a changing world…I was introduced to this gal a couple months ago, her repertoire consists of stories, stories of family; I imagine there are so many stories out there that haven’t been told by people of ALL Ages. I hope…
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    Life During CU Denver

    Some people along the way have commented that I should have a column like Erma Bombeck. Most often in letters and now in emails I correspond naturally from the heart about what’s happening in my life. Not only is CU Denver a major sphere of my life, but so…

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