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    Daily Create Shakespeare 400

    @ds106dc  #tdc1562  This year, had he lived on, Shakespeare would be 400 years young! Woot! This Daily Create is to honor Shakespeare!

    “Alas, poor Yorick, for I knew him well…”

    One of my (later in life attributes) is to “sometimes” look deeper into a text.  Today is one of those…
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    ds106 Design Assignments


    DesignAssignments, DesignAssignments1895

    How about a menu like none other? The cards will give you the prices! Too bad it is not for real, as I would definitely try the Braised Beef, Queen’s Tarts and Absinthe.

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    Week 11 Chapter 6 New Literacies, Reflection

    Picture 1   Humans connecting, community, group, close proximity, tight knit groups, yet it is in fact people networking, too; taking care of each others’ needs, strong ties

    Picture 2 Humans connecting through shared interests, occupation, family ties, values, by friend of a friend; networks-dominant form of social interaction, multiple networks,…
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    Week 10 Digital Story Critique

    Digital Storytelling This is a digital story about creating and using digital stories in education. In viewing this video, I am looking at the following: Media Development Process , Originality/voice/creativity, and Media Application. While the content was applicable to my role of bringing digital story ideas to my elementary school,…
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    Daily Challenge: Itch-a-Sketch

    @ds106dc  #tdc1535    I used to erase my Etch-a-Sketch pretty quickly. Some people rocked it. I tried to create a person with the eye-dea in their brain, plugged into the digital world, and if I had some neon…the DS 106 would be flashing. Hmmm, it’s OK. I did NOT want to…
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    Week 9 Digital Story Critique


    Visual Literacy

    The image below is not part of the video I watched, but I decided to look deeper into the thought of
    “visual literacy”. There is so much more than the 4+ minute video. I was looking for a picture to capture what I was feeling, but instead I…
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    Week 9 Chapter 5 New Literacies, Reflection

    Who knew that blogging originated back in the 1990’s, and that it began from website managers pasting links to other websites? It makes sense that the links were finds that resonated with the person or people running the website: perhaps hilarity, or curiosity or a general newsworthy piece thought worthy…
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    T is for Touch, Tell, Tribe

    When I first heard the term “tribe” for the INTE 5665 class led by Dr. Joni Dunlap, I was a bit foggy for where we were heading. It makes sense now. Your tribe. Your group. Your people. Your comrades. Who is thinking like me, how important visuals are for instruction?…
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    Resume Virtues & Eulogy Virtues

    While skimming through fb and twitter I came upon a beautifully written article from the heart of David Brooks, an Op-Ed Columnist with The New York Times. His essay came from a recent work entitled “The Road to Character”, now on my must read book list. “It occurred to me…
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    Keepin’ it Real; Keepin’ it Simple

    High stakes testing, iRead, data, push-in, pull-out, curriculum map, unit plan, lesson plan, Kagan structures, Thinking Maps, MAPs…and this doesn’t quite cover that which comes in spring…s-t-a-n-d-a-r-d-i-z-e-d  t-e-s-t-i-n-g!  Beyond the school and classroom walls we go home to regroup and begin life away from work. It seems I am not…
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    Daily Create: Off Into Space


    @ds106dc  #tdc1525

    You’re entitled to take two personal items with you which will be useful or fun to use even in zero gravity. Show us what these items will be in a drawing or collage. Thinking that the electronics/communications/food/clothing will be taken care of by NASA….I would take the following…
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    Week 8 Digital Story Critique

    “Who’s Your One” is a campaign started by the students in Dan Cuoco’s 5th grade class at Antelope Ridge Elem.  Published on Dec 1, 2014    Music “Hello My Old Heart” by: The Oh Hellos This past week we held a UNITY meeting at our school. The intent is to bring…
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    Week 8 Response to Scholar Article


    Piggy-Bank Friday: Life Skills Through Financial Literacy   (Link at end)

    I look for articles related to elementary education thinking of the multitude of classes I work with, the below grade level students we have, and our English language learner population. I am looking for ways beyond the stiff curriculums purchased …

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