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    Week 7 Personal Reflective Summary

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    My reflective thoughts are on the page in my Notebook file that was spinning the candy cane whirl. (Please see Picture 1 above) I’ve taken the path of reflecting along the way from the prior reflection. Many times (or at least in my case) I…
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    Week 7 Response to the New Digital Storytelling

    educator, defined, created comfort, with every technology comes story, usually positive emotions associated with stories, diverse conversations, norm of stories and their components have not changed over the years, stories are for everyone in any profession, stories are fiction and non-fiction, sequence is important to people-they like to see or…
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    Week 7 Response to Scholar Article

    Piggy-Bank Friday: Life Skills Through Financial Literacy   (Link at end)  I look for articles related to elementary education thinking of the multitude of classes I work with, the below grade level students we have, and our English language learner population. I am looking for ways beyond the stiff curriculums purchased…
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    Daily Create-Five Image Story


    @ds106dc  #tdc1514

    Fiddle until you get an interesting storyline. Then create a collage of 5 images to tell the story. Try to go beyond literally interpreting images. How funny…I was going to roast Olaf for a smore, and decided to go all girls, but look who popped up on the…
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    In keeping with my developing website for INTE 5665, I’ve renamed this blog site to “Inklings” and below is the picture I created for this feature. Is that right, feature? Section? The blog name? Dealio? Domahitchy? So my picture…my visual…rest assured there is a visual lurking near my work and…
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    INTE 5665 Assignment

    The other online course I have this semester is INTE 5665, Social Media and Digital Culture. I am being stretched with understanding and using more social networks. I have been comfortable with fb since about 2008, then came the Smartphone in the mid-2000s. By late 2013 I was purchasing a…
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    Week 6 Response to Scholar Article & Digital Story Critique

    Intentionality. This is a term that we have been using in our building, among ourselves and with our students, K-5th. Seemingly small shifts, are in fact, HUGE shifts for many students. Here is an example: instead of saying and settling on the phrase, “I can’t do this” or “I don’t…
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    Audio Assignment What a Song Might Mean to Me

    Assignment Bank AudioAssignments, AudioAssignments1923 Touch the Sky: personal video done for an INTE 6710, Creative Designs for Instructional Materials, through CU Denver. NOW revisited via INTE 5340, Learning with Digital Stories and the affiliation with the open online ds106 course through the University of Mary Washington. I landed on this
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    Week 5 Reflective Summary Part II

    Somewhere I missed the memo that obviously said to rate ourselves 1-10…? As I’ve read some reflections of peers, I see them giving a number…having missed the cue, I’m left to say 8 of 10. Just when you think you’re getting it…there’s more. My dad told a joke about mules…
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    Week 5 Personal Reflective Summary

    Let’s just say I hope I never am without a paper/pencil or laptop…or some magical way to create that hasn’t been invented yet! I felt OVERWHELMED at the outset, thinking that this was completely over my head…I now see that it is not. A quote from our STEAM (Science, Technology,…
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    DS106 Assignment Bank

    Holiday Mashup—Take 3 holidays and bring them all together. Looking through my window, these are special and I look forward to celebrating each when it comes. The picture window is the birth of Christ, to the left are representations of Easter, and then bringing  the Irish together in fellowship is  …
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    DS106 Assignment Bank

    AnimatedGIFAssignments, AnimatedGIFAssignments1789

    click on this link: Bartok

    Had to DO.ANOTHER.ONE. This is Bartok. He came to us spring 2014, born on Thanksgiving, 2013. Misha, is his owner, but he is loved by all of us! He has been special because we moved from a not a thriving home life (26+…
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    Week 4: Scholarship Critique

    I found this website perusing for articles that will guide and enhance what I am about day in and day out at my elementary school. The website is called “eLearning Industry” and it is all about Scenario Based Learning. When I opened said link, this is what I found for…
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    Daily Create


    @ds106dc #tdc1495

    This became intriguingly fun, AND, now I cannot go to Sam’s Club to by a chicken to make chicken noodle soup, b/c I did research  b/c of a map challenge on the ds106 site and so…here ya go! There were fabulous Chinese boats that sailed the seas long …

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    DIY visual

    Diane’s Reflection using her DIY visual + several links   ;) NO, really, OK, yes probably. I JUST did the Feedly tonight, and I DID the correct assignments, and I am thankful. I am thankful that I understand that all of the learning I am undergoing is not impossible. The learning…
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    Wonder_Week 3 Critique


    OK, now I’m in tears writing this post. Now I understand the artwork of 4th grade students I’ve been walking by for some weeks now. I just thought, “what a great idea…have a non-face persons” and let students create the character. My mother gave my own girls an Amish doll

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