1. jdjaaf87

    Final Project Summary


    For the final project, I decided to take my “top 80′s” mashup and push it a step or two further. When we were assigned the final, we were instructed to create a project and also all the trans-media that relates to our subject.

    The problem with trans-media is that it …

  2. jdjaaf87

    Week 12 Summary


    This week, our assignment was to create a supercut of five different movies that represent the same archetype. For mine, I chose to do “the teenaged princess” archetype. There were so many movies to choose from, so I went with my personal favorites when it came to teenaged girls hating …

  3. jdjaaf87

    Week 14 – Final Project Idea


    One of the projects I really enjoyed doing was cutting together one archetype from 5 different movies. For my final project, I thought about maybe putting together a bunch of cuts from movies that would read to a certain song. I originally got the idea from this video posted on …

  4. jdjaaf87

    Week 13- Criminals of the Copyright


    This past week, we looked at what exactly copyright means in modern society. Unfortunately, to learn about copyright also means that everything in our society is pretty much grounds for suing. The problem with copyright laws is that it expressly forbids anybody to use anybody else’s work (even a little …

  5. jdjaaf87

    Week 13


    This week, the assignment was to use Popcorn Maker, an online video clip editor which allows you to place media together and host it on the web. The subject for the assignment was to take a serious modern issue and show both sides of the argument. For my topic, I …

  6. jdjaaf87

    Week 10 Summary


    This week we were grouped up to create a mock interview-style video, similar to Spinal Tap or Best in Show, based on archetypes we find in typical movies. What we decided to do was create an interview based on “the nerd” archetype (dorky, unassuming, not very talkative, etc.) and …

  7. jdjaaf87

    Week 7


    Moving forward into Audio, this week we broke into multiple groups of 3 to create a mock-radio show, or a version of a show that we like, be it from radio or from television. Myself, Britney Adamson and Britney Harley were in one group together, and we worked on creating …

  8. jdjaaf87

    Week 4 Summary


    Creating Commons media is something of a treat for me. I always enjoy the idea of creating something that someone else may have the fortune to use another day. Reason being, the internet is so diluted with the idea of making money, and that’s not what the internet was created …

  9. jdjaaf87

    Week 3 Summary


    David Bowie as “Jareth, the Goblin King”

    While creating GIF’s seem to be fairly commonplace, especially a couple years ago when Myspace banners were littered with glittering and flashing images, this week was something of a new project for me. While I’ve always known how to create a GIF, I …

  10. jdjaaf87

    Week 2


    For the second week of class we continued looking at the importance of social media and managing a personal domain. Along with reading an article by W. Gardner Campbell called “A Personal Cyberinfrastructure”, which argues that the way colleges need to be teaching students about the cyber world is through …

  11. jdjaaf87

    Week 1 Summary


    Starting at the beginning of class, I wasn’t quite sure how I would exactly benefit, seeing as that a lot of the stuff we are starting out with is simply a formal review. I was ambivalent about using my personal blog as a starting post because I wasn’t sure how …

  12. jdjaaf87

    The Prince!


    Hi class! My name is Joseph Jaafari, I am an incoming transfer student (sophomore level) from UCLA. A bit about me:

    I was born to an Irish-Catholic mother and a Iranian Muslim father (my mother apparently was “adventurous” in the 80′s). I graduated high school in 2006, and started going …

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