1. jeaton

    Week 13 – say what??


    Week 13 – Johnny and I have wrapped up the night driver case. Boo-Yaaa

    We began by posting the ITCC security surveillance video. This allowed us to identify suspects and provide leads to new clues. That video can be found here!

    Next, Corner pocket and I posed our weekly …

  2. jeaton

    Dear DIE-ary


    Dear DIE-ary,

    My Ex-wife tried to kill me today, Lena Meyers. She is a wanted woman now. She has quite the story behind her now too. First a vet student that become a talk show host who interviews famous celebrities, to then marring one of those celebrities (me), to killing …

  3. jeaton

    ITCC Security


    Johnny Corner Pocket and I set up a security camera in the ITCC this past week… It was late at night so not too many folks were around however, some of the passing civilians seemed suspicious. I have entered their faces into a database system that recognizes faces and we …

  4. jeaton

    Case Update – L|O|V|E|F|I|N|D|A


    Our Agency has been hard at work. We decided to keep everything in audio updates. These posts will reflect our agency’s progress and be a means of communication to our followers that are concerned about the missing cartridge

    Update 1


    Update 2


    Update 3


    @JohnnyCPM and I …

  5. jeaton

    Case Update


    Johnny Corner Pocket and I are on a quest. Many lives are at risk and its up to us, the Love Finda Agency, to make sure this case is solved. Check out the case video here  Agent Groom has asked Johnny and I to find the the missing Atari console …

  6. jeaton

    Weekly Summary Week 11


    Its week 11 and the number 11 makes me think of this video… Im half Scottish so its relevant to my family and I lol

    I decided to change my mind about riding solo into the agency and instead, work with Johnny “Corner Pocket” McCormick to create an agency… I …

  7. jeaton

    Color Walk Time Lines


    I had to choose a color and then take 20 minute walk in which I take a 5-8 pictures of the color as I encounter it and then upload the photos to Flickr and create a time line using TimeLine JS.

    This was pretty straight forward. I uploaded all …

  8. jeaton

    Creating Daily Creates, Daily Week 11


    Two daily creates were needed this week.

    3/30/15 – I had to write a poem of two strangers having a conversation… well… I’ll let you read it before I give too much away.

    Roses are red.

    Violets are blue

    Oh shit you noticed

    That I am following you


    they …

  9. jeaton



    I will be riding solo into this agency.


    Solo… Hope Solo


  10. jeaton

    My Interview with Burtis


    I had to take a video of my professors asking random interview questions and import it into video editing software and add our responses to at least 7 questions. I ended up taking Burtis’s 10 questions and answering those.

    After I got that in iMovie, I split the clip …

  11. jeaton

    Inside talking update


    Week 2 on our video and we encountered a small problem. We were supposed to shoot the video this week but none of us could meet up this week to finish the task. Weddings, work, internships, classes, and varsity sports practices all got in our way this week. Luckily for …

  12. jeaton

    Inside Talking Video Update


    Instead of doing the video assignments, Christine Loehr, Landon Epperly and I teamed up to continue and hopefully conclude the story behind Inside Talking. We had to organize our group as quickly as possible and decide on our approach to our video episode. In addition, each group member must produce …

  13. jeaton

    Inside Talking – Final Reflection


    “Complete a final reflection post about your radio show, focussing in particular on what it was like to listen to your show live, receive comments/criticism, etc. What would you do differently, if you had a chance? What did you enjoy the most about this project? What was the hardest thing …

  14. jeaton

    The Tune Squad radiolisten


    I listened along to The Tune Squad’s radio show and commented on Twitter using the #noir106 hashtag. Their show premiered Monday the 16th right after my radio show, Inside Talking. If I remember correctly, they made an alternate ending to a noir piece we worked on earlier in the semester, …

  15. jeaton

    Creating Daily Creates, Daily. Week 9


    For this week 9, we had to create two daily creates.

    March 16th –  I was instructed to draw a staircase, and think about my biggest dream and then draw it at the top of the staircase proceeding to then fill each step with the “steps” you’d have to take …

  16. jeaton

    Weekly Summary Week 8


    Yeah that was me last Monday… This week was tough because it was hard to get into the grove of it again. Before SB2K15, I was in a rhythm and on top of my work… This week not so much. However, I did complete all of my work in …

  17. jeaton



    I didnt know what to title my inspire blog post so yeah…

    I would like to dedicate my first inspire to my groups work, in particular, our radio show.

    We were up until the wee hours of the morning work in the project and I would like to take the …

  18. jeaton

    I Will Find You and I Will Kill You.


    For my last assignment of the week, I chose to make a business card for Lenny, the master-mind of Lenny’s Hitman Service. I figured that he might need some help getting business to practice on before he comes after me. Johnny “Corner Pocket” apparently hired one of his men to …

  19. jeaton

    Lena Meyers



    This digital assignment was to create a valentine card.

    Jota Dinero just got married on Inside Talking’s live radio show. Its more than appropriate to give your wife a homemade valentine day’s card. Johnny “Corner Pocket” McCormick is not too thrilled about this whole situation. Johnny also made a …

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