1. jeaton

    Creating Daily Creates, Daily pt.3


    This week was a little easier with the the requirement of only two daily creates. Both daily creates I chose this week were pictures that had to be uploaded to Flickr.

    2/4/15 – Cute puppy alert

    For this assignment I had to create a caption for this particular photograph of …

  2. jeaton

    All Hail Jota


    For my next audio assignment, assignment 1432, they asked If I had the opportunity to create my own theme music, what would it sound like?

    I IMMEDIATELY knew I had to go get the instrumental of Superstar by Lupe Fiasco! All time favorite song right there. I would listen to …

  3. jeaton



    Now that we have a #ds106 radio up and running, I have an assignment to create a 15-30 second radio bumper.

    This was a fun audio assignment, allowing to play with Audacity again. I first wrote down my script for what I would say exactly. After deciding on  “You’re listening …

  4. jeaton

    What is Jota doing?

    For this audio assignment I have to tell a story using nothing but sound effects so no verbal communication… only sound effects. I have to use at least five different sounds that you find online and the story can be no longer than 90 seconds. Lastly, It has to be…
  5. jeaton

    A Storm Be Brewin’


    Brain storming for radio show ideas.

    In a couple of weeks, my class and I will be forming groups and creating a radio show as pre-recorded audio. In preparation, I’m brainstorming ideas for a 20-30 minute radio show—somehow related to or inspired by noir.

    I like a talk show concept …

  6. jeaton

    Let Me Tell You About My Week in Noir106


    Week 3 has me in a routine now. I know what to expect and can prepare myself better now for the upcoming weeks! This week was once again jam packed with assignments, nothing new though lol… This week I took time to explain the process of each assignment in the …

  7. jeaton

    Movie Time


    I watched the Killer’s Kiss and The Hitch-Hiker, as both pieces demonstrate popular techniques in cinematography to achieve the noir genre.



    Killer’s Kiss

    This is the “Venetian blind” effect. I have noticed this in other movies I have watched before but never put much thought into it. …

  8. jeaton

    Lets take a photo, you already know doe


    I had to go on a “photosafari”

    Out of this list of 9 options, I had to try and take a picture of any 5 of them

    dramatic use of distinct shadows lighting from one side off-kilter or unusual camera angle/framing the “Venetian blind” effect — using some repeating geometric…
  9. jeaton

    Life on the Beach


    Growing up in Miami has its pluses… Jota is right on the beach in his Florida home. For this visual assignment, I had to take a photo and use an app to crop me somewhere else. I also decided to make this assignment for my character, Jota.

    Jota took a …

  10. jeaton



    For this Visual Assignment,you had to take the last three objects you had your last three drinks in and arrange them in a pyramid, then telling a story about the three objects. Here are my three:Classics, huh? Hahah so let me tell you bout my night last night…

    Its …

  11. jeaton



    My Professor has been hiding his location, not just from me, but the entire ds106 community. Even Jim Groom doesn’t know where he is… Somewhere in the Pennsylvania mountains.  We need to find his location to make sure he is wearing pants, (inside joke) right Jim? This is my second …

  12. jeaton

    Telling a story with Pixels – Photoreflection


    Photography has always been a part of my life because of my dad. He has been a photographer for a majority of his life as a hobby and has a lot of knowledge about a wide array of photography topics. We actually have a photo-studio in our basement at home …

  13. jeaton

    Creating Daily Creates, Daily pt. 2


    Week 3 of ds106 and completing 3 daily creates is a requirement!

    1/28/15 – Make 2048

    I have played this game before, 2048, consuming hours of my life that I will never get back. I guess I saw this daily create and decided to pay tribute to the game…and then …

  14. jeaton

    Call Me Dora ‘Cause I Got a Backpack


    What’s in Jota’s bag?


    For this visual assignment, you have to take a picture of what your character would carry in his or her backpack on a daily basis and then share a little info for each item! Jota (My character) seems to be tech savvy and a bit …

  15. jeaton

    Busy Busy Busy


    SO. MUCH. WORK. Its only week two and the demands of this class are already taking their toll on me. I have accomplished a lot over the past week and my site is as active as its ever been!

    Started off the week by watching the weekly video and we …

  16. jeaton

    Creating Daily Creates, Daily


    January 22, 2015 – Yodeling

    Its a Thursday night, $1 beer night at Brock’s bar downtown Fredericksburg VA and my roommates and I are pre-gaming for it. in the midst, I found out that the daily create is to yodel haha so I got my roommates to join in and …

  17. jeaton

    Reading some Neuer?


    First off… Noir is pronounced similarly to one of my favorite soccer players; Manuel Neuer. He is the best soccer goalkeeper in current day and plays for Bayern Munich and the German National team.

    Check him out

    Anyways back on topic… Noir

    Just finished up reading some noir including …

  18. jeaton

    Weekly Summary #1


    Bootcamp week has come to an end for this solider. Thejota.com comes back to life after a full semester of rest with it last being used to its full potential in #TI104 with @JimGroom and @PualBond… #ImAFan. It was not an easy “syllabus week” workload as more and more professors …

  19. jeaton



    This info graphic was presented in class today and I thought it was fascinating.

    The pros and cons of online dating were discussed and the arguments can differ from person to person. Pros were easy to spit out by the group presenting however, the cons seemed hard to come by. …

  20. jeaton

    Group ARPAnet update 2


    On Monday, Jack Hylan and I explored the campus for victims… I mean participants for out ARPAnet interviews for our presentation. We asked several students, staff, and random people among campus to answer 3 simple questions. The responses were hilarious. The answers were all over the place from deep thorough …

  21. jeaton

    Social Media’s Impact on Politics


    I am going to be Honest here. No matter how much politics I see on the Internet and social media, I will still be a Republican at the end of the day. However, to the uninformed American citizen that really doesn’t know whats going on, social media may persuade their …

  22. jeaton

    Group ARPAnet update


    Really excited where our group is going with our topic! We met last Friday and discussed our topic and composed a class agenda for the date of our presentation, having every minute planned on a schedule. We plan on doing interviews with students on campus, asking them some simple questions, …

  23. jeaton



    So Jim left us this week… Guess we’re not good enough for him. #Whatdidwedo?

    Anyways, today’s group presentation is covering the topic of cyber bulling. When did it start? Where did it originate? nobody knows.

    We discussed new and upcoming ways of how cyber bulling is spread. Yik Yak apparently …

  24. jeaton

    An impact of the internet


    One impact of the internet I have seen is through business. I am the co-founder of a business trying to develop an app. Just today (3/25/14) we sent out an email to the student body of UMW asking to complete a survey. This survey will provide valuable data, giving us …

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