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  1. @Jennifer_Speaks

    ESTP Wanted Poster – Assignment Bank – Week 7

    For this week’s DS106 Assignment Bank assignment, I chose to create a Wanted Poster in the style of the Wild, Wild, West. My chosen story theme is the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI). Each MBTI type has their own strengths and weaknesses. I chose the Robinhood (ESTP) character because he is a thief, but with good intentions. A classic ESTP, Robinhood is…
  2. @Jennifer_Speaks

    ESFP Word Cloud – Assignment Bank – Week 6

      This week’s assignment was to use a site like or similar to create a word cloud. The chosen text should be meaningful to me, so I used my chosen storytelling theme – the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI). More specifically, the characteristics of an ESFP. I was to choose a font and color scheme that reflects the emotion behind my choice…
  3. @Jennifer_Speaks

    Finding Who? – Design Assignment Bank – Week 5

    This week’s mashup assignment was to take elements from multiple movie posters and mash them up into one. Change anything – the caption, the title, the main image, etc. Also, make it seem like it could be a real movie. Each year, there is one week that I dread more than any other – Shark Week on the Discovery Channel.…
  4. @Jennifer_Speaks

    Guess the Word

    This week’s assignment from the Assignment Bank was to create a video of someone signing (finger spelling) a word for others to guess. I thought it would be interesting to see if anyone could figure out the word I chose to spell. To create this video, I used an iPhone 6 to record the video and edited it with iMovie.…
  5. @Jennifer_Speaks

    Police Call – Stolen Car!

    My Assignment Bank audio assignment was to make an audio of me talking to the police over the phone. I wanted to do this assignment because this is a reinactment of a real call that was made to the police not too long ago. I created this recording in GarageBand. I had my father play the part of the police officer and…
  6. @Jennifer_Speaks

    Epic Proposal – Story Critique #1

    For this critique, I used Jason Ohler’s assessment traits. I focused three traits: Story Project planning Originality, voice, creativity I evaluated the story and the writing of the story. How well did the story work? Is it is complete and understandable? I looked at the level of project planning. Is there evidence of solid planning – story maps, scripts, storyboards? Finally, I focused on…
  7. @Jennifer_Speaks

    A Drop in the Bucket List

    Everyone has a bucket list, or they should. I would share my entire list with you, but for the moment, here are my top four. Have a proper English Tea at the London Ritz. Whenever I travel, either for work or pleasure, I try to go to tea at least once. If there is a Ritz in town, that is…
  8. @Jennifer_Speaks

    Three Ways to Happiness

    My first Daily Create for ds106 is a collage of things that make me happy. I was extatic to discover that you can now add Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life to your Netflix list and it will show up when it becomes available. I can hardly wait! I feel a Gilmore Girls marathon coming on! I recently had…

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