1. Jessica Ledford

    Short and Sweet on the Lo


    Episode #021

    OMG! Yes! My girl Katy is the intro for the Lo! Loved it girl! Great job! LOL! You are awesome! Love it! I am dying! Listening to Scott say it! Ahaha! I’m geeking! ds106 goes bilingual! Loving it!

    Scott lol! You and rice lol!

    I think thats a …

  2. Jessica Ledford

    Listen to our Radio Play!


    Here it is guys! This was such an amazing experience! I learned so much from this! I really got to understand how to use Audacity! I liked how I got to work with people! Honestly it was great! I loved how I got to meet 2 people in real life …

  3. Jessica Ledford

    Love Letters



    Todays tdc518: Write a love poem from one character to another from different Twilight Zone Episodes.

    I picked Janet from the Eye of the Beholder an Charlie from Monsters on Maple Street! For Janet I wrote hers with my eyes closed! I then got my boyfriend to write Charlies …

  4. Jessica Ledford

    Where am I?


    WOW! How Could I forget to blog one of my TDC?!?!

    tdc512: Challenge us to identify where you are, based only on a 20 sec audio clip.

    I know what I did! I recorded it on SoundCloud and then tweeted it and that was it! Wow! this is the …

  5. Jessica Ledford

    The Lo is back


    Episode #019

    Lol! Are we talking about Jello?! LOL!!! I love Jello! That was so cute! Loved it! That was a great intro! Don Wilson Loved it! So cute!

    Aw I am glad you got to enjoy yourself Scott!

    Glad your back!

    Um.. Your in the desert? Click your red …

  6. Jessica Ledford

    Smack on the Lo



    Oh gosh…. I am nervous for this episode.. I did one of those 911 audio assignments… I’m scared. I know he is about to call me out Let the show begin.

    AW!!! no way! Week 5 is going to be so awesome!

    Radio Groups! We do have to go …

  7. Jessica Ledford



    Wow! Once I sent Katy the diary entry she threw it all together and we finished our radio play! I think it honestly sounds amazing! I had a ton of fun doing this! I learned a lot! I would have never have done anything like this if I was not …

  8. Jessica Ledford



    My group for this radio play started out using a Google Doc! But after we got some thoughts down it kinda just stopped there. lol. I was the one to step up and suggest us to go meet at Mary Wash for us to do the recording for the show! …

  9. Jessica Ledford

    what did I do today?


    Last night I went to Prom! It was so much fun! gosh I honestly had a blast so today I needed to refocus back to my group with our radio play! I recorded a diary entry of the nurse and the leader (the Characters in the Twilight Episode: The Eye …

  10. Jessica Ledford

    Rethink before you speak


    This challenge made me think long and hard. I wanted to pick the perfect quote. This challenge was about picking a quote and just simply reading it. It sound really easy. But I wanted to find one that I had liked on someones Instagram that hit home for me. So …

  11. Jessica Ledford

    Dinner on Maple Street


    Cant you just picture a dinner with either your friends or family that you can never forget?! Well this is what this challenge is all about! Recreate that memory that you have from a night at diner! I decided to do a dinner scene with the characters from the Twilight …

  12. Jessica Ledford

    Listen to the Reading Rainbow!


    S/O to my girl Katy for making this a challenge!

    This challenge was so much fun! All you have to do is create a commercial and include music that plays in the background! Now for this commercial I used Jim Groom’s studio! It was so cool! I used Audacity to …

  13. Jessica Ledford

    Comic Day


    tdc515: Draw a representation of your perfect day as a comic. Use metaphors/symbols no text.

    Can you guess what my ideal day would be?! This was really fun writing my ideal day! Simple but yet this hardly happens! I am a busy girl! What can I say?! Try and …

  14. Jessica Ledford



    WE FINISHED!!! Come at us!! Our radio play is complete! All we need to do is our bumpers which Sean will do! It’s perfect! Y’all are going to laugh so hard!!…

  15. Jessica Ledford

    How is it going?


    We are still recording our play!! We are cruising right along!! This is so funny all of us doing different voices and just having fun with it!!

    We are about a little more than halfway!
    Katy is Janet Tyler! And I am playing the nurses and the leader! Ahaha…

  16. Jessica Ledford

    Reading Rainbow


    What’s up guys?! I am in DuPont 310 right now with my group! We are using Jim Grooms radio center and it is kick butt! We are recording our radio play! As we speak!

    I just recorded my commercial! You have to listen to it!

    Commercial 2

    All I did …

  17. Jessica Ledford

    The Progress


    We have a plan! My group and I are getting together tomorrow at 5 at Mary Wash! This is going to be so interesting! I am so nervous! We will be at Jim Grooms radio area, I don’t even know how to even call it! Lol! A radio place? lol …

  18. Jessica Ledford

    Whats happening this week?


    This week ds106 as split into groups of 4′s! Why you may ask? We are creating a radio show! We have to create a 30 min show with 3 commercials and 3 bumpers! Its going to be really awesome! This is what the plan is this week, besides the tdc …

  19. Jessica Ledford

    Creative Commons


    Creative Commons

    Everyone creates something! That something that you create belongs to you. You have a right that reserves that no one else can take what you created. You hold this right. Sometimes you want to share and let people be able to use your creation. This is where CC …

  20. Jessica Ledford

    Can You Dig it?!


    Episode #015

    38 MINUTES?!?!

    Number 15 Baby! It’s week 3! LOL! Scott is just funny!

    I don’t know any football players.. opps.. I am a girl! I am sorry! Football is too complicated.

    AHAHA! Professor Groom! Scott just died laughing to himself! He is so funny!

    LOL about Scott listing …

  21. Jessica Ledford

    Mr. Freak!


     Episode #014

    Scott! 17 minutes?! Holy cow!

    Loved this Intro from Obler! (haha! I spelled it right!) This was great! Yes! 2 weeks is finished! I can’t believe it! Aw! But Scott your doing so much work! You’re doing a great job! I am so glad you love what you …

  22. Jessica Ledford

    Super Project


    Episode #013

    Am I entering into the Twilight Zone, NOPE! That was a cool remix! Loved it! Great job Ben! I need to use the GarageBand app! That was so cool!

    I am not a musical person either Scott! Oh no! Idk if I can do this! Maybe I’ll give …

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