1. jgieseking

    My Advice to College Graduates


    Over the last week, my graduating students have been asking me again and again for advice. Since I began my career in business, my advice has tended toward advice for those entering that arena first but I think it can be applied elsewhere. These seem to be the things I …

  2. jgieseking

    Dissertation for Download: Living in an (In)Visible World: Lesbians’ and Queer Women’s Spaces and Experiences of Justice and Oppression in New York City, 1983-2008


    Once I was able to sort out that my own copyright as ascertained through the UMIDatabase system allowed me to self-share my own work–because, of course, we really never know these days with copyright–I am hereby sharing “Living in an (In)Visible World: Lesbians’ and Queer Women’s Spaces and Experiences of …

  3. jgieseking

    Scalar Implications of Lesbian-Queer Organizing


    I was sitting in what was a back bedroom of a brownstone in Brooklyn in the winter of 2008-9 and I was cold. Archives are often cold. The bedroom-cum-archives had become a records room that now hosts 11 seven-foot high filing cabinets bulging with the organizational and biographical history of …

  4. jgieseking

    (Data)Visualizing Lesbian-Queer Space & Time


    This is what lesbian-queer history looks like: the detailed notes on 381 lesbian-queer organizations look like in a spreadsheet. The white means the organization was existent; the black means it did not yet exist or closed.
    Jen Jack Gieseking CC BY-NC-SA

    Over the span of a year, I surveyed the …

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