1. @JHolburd

    What Yonder Design Doth Blitz??



    Color is what defines the design in the photo below, and the deep saturation of color enables the back lighting to play with the reds and greens to create interest for the viewer. The deep red berries on the left that are …

  2. @JHolburd

    Design Is the Gift of Sense


    Thinking about the importance of good design, it is important because it helps us make sense of our world. It creates linkages for us.

    James Verdesoto distilled movie poster design down by color themes and use of negative space and wow, it became so obvious how I’ve been personally influenced …

  3. @JHolburd

    Weekly Summary Week Five–High Five!


    Below are all the embeds for the work I did this week. I “got ‘er done” but I cannot say I gained maximum proficiency in the audio arena. I’d say I’m mediocre at best in Audacity and it was difficult to find help for the version I am using. For …

  4. @JHolburd

    Radio Show Idea–The Voice


    Thinking out loud here. Really. If we are going to be recording our voices in the future, those voices are one of the tools to effectively communicate to our audience. I think it would be cool to do a radio show about how we use our voices effectively to get …

  5. @JHolburd

    A Defiant Song Story


    I always had a determination to insist on fairness so when AudioAssignments75 came up to write a Song Story, something popped immediately in my head. From the time of my memories, I’ve thought about fairness and why being male or female was such a big deal when people thought about …

  6. @JHolburd

    A Poem of Joy for Children


    This poetic story is for Audio Assignments454, Poetry Reading. For decades now, I have remembered a children’s poem from my high school Spanish class that I know as Aserin, Aseran, Los Maderos de San Juan. I would recite it intact to my Spanish-speaking friends and they would smile nicely and …

  7. @JHolburd

    Listening to the Rad eeO


    There were seven of us listening to the ds106 radio this evening, Monday, February 7, from 8-9 p.m. Our Professor Paul Bond wove us through the intro and outro (was he also the sound editor emeritus??).

    Unfortunately, I could not engage in the discussion on Discord. I didn’t receive my …

  8. @JHolburd

    Audio Reflection


    I had not thought about audio storytelling as the story in itself but more to amplify and assist a story of words. As I listened to Abumrad, he brought it home when he explained that radio connects people with their imaginations by one person transmitting a visual image to the …

  9. @JHolburd

    Daily Creates Week Five TDC 3677


    The question was, What’s the argument? My response was not an argument, they broke out in the song Iko Iko.

    My grandma and your grandma
    Were sittin' by the fire
    My grandma told your grandma
    "I'm gonna set your flag on fire"
    Talkin' 'bout
    Hey now (Hey now)
    Hey now …

  10. @JHolburd

    Weekly Summary–Week Four



    I figured out the three Daily Creates this week, trying to see how I could accomplish the task as quickly as possible and still satisfy the intent of the assignment. For the first Tweet, it was just too obvious to pick a photo that I had taken while hiking …

  11. @JHolburd

    Peace be Here. And There.


    A relaxing VisualAssignments2109 called “Places of Peace”. Bob Ross would have approved because it is a nice way to find a little bit of joy in my day, looking for photos that take me right back to peaceful, joyful places I’ve visited and that I also get to enJOY now. …

  12. @JHolburd

    It’s A Bad, Bad Photo


    This was fun. No pressure because I didn’t have to find a good photo to work with. I could relax and look for one of my lamest photos, and I found one that is just blobs of plants and a sputtering of water with no context or depth. Bob Ross …

  13. @JHolburd

    Dasher’s Photo Blitzen


    A few days ago, I went through about ten different photoblitz lists before landing on one I could completely accomplish in my personal space. Then it took me two more days to find the time during the day to do the project because the one I chose needed me to …

  14. @JHolburd

    Please Tell Me What This Is!

    What Is This?

    For Visual Assignments 1882 “That’s Not What I Expected”, I not only took a close-up photo but then cropped it more closely to take away a lot of clues for you. But there are clues and I think, still too many. Regardless, this is my favorite theme …

  15. @JHolburd

    Samples of Making Better Photographs

    A deliberate composition in the camera. Being more pleasing to the eye keeps the viewer looking at the details and interested in the total image because all the elements are related to one another. In this case, the moss and mushrooms are growing in the shade of the woods around…
  16. @JHolburd

    Weekly Summary–Week Three


    This was a much more manageable week. I got an earlier start, figured out how to do hypertext links and didn’t have problems with my laptop’s performance. I spent a lot more time on my Daily Creates than is expected but it’s still not easy for me to just throw …

  17. @JHolburd

    Kindred Story Analysis


    The novel Kindred by Octavia Butler, published in 1979, is a science fiction/slave narrative about Dana, a young African American woman and aspiring writer, who finds herself shunted between her home in Los Angeles in 1976 and a pre-civil war Maryland plantation, back and forth, over multiple time-travel trips, where …

  18. @JHolburd

    Coming Out of the Dark


    August 2021 was my benchmark, when we started gathering again in the classroom at UMW. It meant that we students would again be in each other’s presence after about 15 months of hibernation. I was ready to announce, that I was going to “find my happy”. That was my running …

  19. @JHolburd

    Gauchos, The Tango and Malbec


    It seems Argentina has a twist on everything interesting in this world! So this is a dream vacation that would create the Joy we talk about in our theme (back to Bob Ross) because it will last at least six weeks, something I have never indulged in before. Can you …

  20. @JHolburd

    My Bucket isn’t Bottomless Anymore


    This assignment asks if we ever made a mental bucket list of things we ever seriously or jokingly wanted to do.  Heck, I live by lists.  Lists for the grocery store, lists for what to do tomorrow, tonight, this month, next month, for you, for me, for the dog.  Wait–I …

  21. @JHolburd

    Fear, No. PTS, Yes.


    I say “Fear, No” because I am not a fearful person. To me, fear has little use except to cripple and stop you in your tracks. When I saw the assignment “Facing Your Fears” then asking me to describe my biggest fear and what it might think of me, then …

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