1. jhylan

    A Television Life


    “You know what I do all day? I watch you. From the very beginning of my life as soon as I left that factory floor where I was created and left that claustrophobic space you call a  box, I was yours. You stare directly at me as if I just …

  2. jhylan

    Survivor ds106: Week Four (Barely)


    Man what an ending to such a great week worth of assignments. I have to say this week did not go as well as expected mainly because of a crap load of computer malfunctions. For whatever reason my computer decided to go haywire this week, which not only disrupted my …

  3. jhylan

    Chaplin Escapes Animal Planet


    Technology always seems to fail exactly when it is needed. I have been using iMovie more frequently than I normally do because of ds106 and it seems to have taken its toll. Every time I try to create a new project and begin working on it the software crashes unexpectedly. …

  4. jhylan

    Vine It! ds106 Sunday


    I have been watching vines for some time now, but I have never had the app. Some the vines can be drop dead hilarious, whilst others are far from anything clever. Making a vine is actually simple especially if you are from my generation you will be able to catch …

  5. jhylan

    Make a GIF using Photoshop


    So I have made a tutorial on making an animated GIF using GIMP, so now I decided to show you how to make one using Photoshop! You get the best of both worlds. I have grown accustomed to using Photoshop and most certainly enjoy it more than GIMP, however, GIMP …

  6. jhylan

    Animate a Classic Painting


    I absolutely love making GIFs, so I decided that it would be appropriate to make an AnimatedGIF Assignment. I kind of wish this assignment could also fall under two categories, but I guess it’s not that big of a deal. You can find the assignment here and all you have …

  7. jhylan

    Shot Reverse Shot- Uniquely Done in Reservoir Dogs


    Quentin Tarantino is unlike any other director that has ever existed. Though his films can be quite gruesome his directing is near genius if watched carefully and closely. For instance watch this clip from his debut film Reservoir Dogs:


    Watching the clip on silent can show how and why …

  8. jhylan



    I took a film class a few semesters ago and ever since then I have never looked at film the same way. By no means does that make me an expert on film, but my girlfriend sure does find it annoying sometimes to watch movies together. That being said I …

  9. jhylan

    Chaplin Goes Spanish


    This assignment was rather difficult and took a lot of coordinating to get down. However, it was very rewarding once the final product came out and now I can’t wait to attach it to the film itself. Since there was a woman in the film and I am not one, …

  10. jhylan

    Quarter Pounder with 5 Slices of Cheese?


    I have to say once again this week is definitely pushing me outside of my comfort zone, but that’s a good thing. It’s about time I break away from the visual and focus more on the audio. This assignment is all about using an accent, but also using it while …

  11. jhylan

    Bacon Quest


    This assignment has to be the strangest and corniest one I have done yet, but it is about time I got pushed out of my comfort zone. The assignment was called “Use the Voice” which means the voice of Don LaFontaine, who was best known for his voiceovers in …

  12. jhylan

    Ship Caught in a Storm


    All the men are below deck as they wait as they nervously wait out this midnight storm. In the middle of the Atlantic with no help for thousands of miles the men sit quietly in patience. They done this dozens of times throughout the duration of their journey trying to …

  13. jhylan

    Deer Robs a Bank


    Sorry about being a little late to ds106 this week I have just been extremely busy with work. However, now that I have time to play catch up here is my first recording about a deer who decided to rob a bank. It’s short, but I got my inspiration from …

  14. jhylan

    Survivor ds106: Week 2


    Well another amazing week has past in the ds106 Summer Bootcamp and I am surviving. Surviving so well in fact this class makes educational survival fun. We finally got down to the real creative process this past week with learning about design principles. The design assignments have been my favorite …

  15. jhylan

    Fredericksburg Safari


    Being tasked with going on a design safari to find examples of key elements of design I decided to walk around downtown Fredericksburg to see what I could find. I figured there would be many prime examples in the area and I was absolutely correct to assume that educated guess. …

  16. jhylan

    Reimagining Paper


    In a TEDxPhoenix talk, artist Kelli Anderson shows off her work on redesigning paper to give it a whole new purpose and meaning. Just when I thought art couldn’t go much further artist like Anderson always prove me wrong by essentially redesigning the wheel, or in this instance paper. …

  17. jhylan

    Amerika: Pain & Gain


    This assignment was probably my favorite out of all the ones we have done so far. This design assignment was to create an animated movie poster. After looking through some of the previous ones that others had made in the past I thought this assignment would present a good challenge. …

  18. jhylan



    I am loving these design assignments! For this one I chose to do The Ultimate Merger, where you have to combine two logos from different companies into one, as if the two merged together to form the ultimate company. The hardest part about this assignment was probably just picking …

  19. jhylan

    Truthful Lego Movie Poster


    This is either the second or third time I have used “The Lego Movie” for school work, which is strange because I thought the movie was okay. Any who I thought it would be appropriate to share the truthful side of this movie maybe before you go and see it, …

  20. jhylan

    Survivor: ds106 – Week One


    Well I survived week one of Survivor: ds106 edition. I wouldn’t necessarily say I survived because I had too much fun the entire week getting started with this course and I think it is going to get better in the next few weeks. I am actually sad that the course …

  21. jhylan

    Bored and Uneducated


    Well prior to watching Michael Wesch’s video “Knowledgable to Knowledge-able” I wrote in my previous blog post about a cookie cutter education and I have to say Wesch hit the nail on the coffin. Our own educations seem to mirror each others perfectly. Two under motivated high school …

  22. jhylan

    Share the Road!! Thinking the Unthinkable


    Narrating, curating, and sharing my Little Big Planet. These are small but powerful words from Gardner Campbell’s presentation on the Personal Cyberinfrastructure. His words of wisdom and inspiration give me hope for the future of education, and not just for those seeking a higher experience. This past spring semester in …

  23. jhylan

    Audio Assignments!!!! DS106zone LoDown 001


    First I just have to say how much I already love this course. The community surrounding it seems endless and it never surprises me to hear from a complete stranger talking about each others work. That being said I can’t wait to begin doing some audio assignments next. I don’t …

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