1. jhylan



    For my second Visual Assignment I decided to do 107 “Common Everyday Object” where you change the color of an ordinary object everyone uses. I was randomly taking pictures around my apartment the other day and noticed that when I pointed the camera towards the microwave that the clock started …

  2. jhylan

    Splash the Egg?


    So for my first attempt at a visual assignment I decided to do the “Splash the Color” assignment. I couldn’t decide on what I wanted to splash so I looked around my apartment to find some colorful objects. I also looked at all the previous submissions from others and noticed …

  3. jhylan

    “Crazy” Fiction vs. Nonfiction


    So today’s daily create consisted of taking a couple of books with either similar titles or themes and combining the two. Since it was supposed to be a little unusual for the authors to be together I decided to go with Pete Earley’s “Crazy” and Cervantes’s “Don Quixote”, one being …

  4. jhylan

    Finally DS106


    I have been waiting for a long time to take this course and now it is finally happening! I have heard endless stories about DS106 and I can’t tell you how excited I am. I hope I can follow the happy students guide to DS106 and I’m pretty sure I …

  5. jhylan

    What is the Internet?


    For part of our final project this semester our group decided to do some interviews of random people around campus and asked them three basic questions: What is the internet?, What is the difference between the internet and the World Wide Web?, and What is ARPAnet? We got exactly what …

  6. jhylan

    Reviving the Read/Write Culture


    Living against the law. At least that is what I am told my generation and the ones following are supposedly what we are doing. Though we may break the law from time to time are we actually doing anything to hurt society. Laws are meant to protect those in a …

  7. jhylan

    Lego Movie, HTML, and GIFS


    Recently I watched The Lego Movie and decided to base my HTML project around the movie. I developed several gifs using various tools that included GIMP and MPEG Streamclip. I used Streamclip to edit the video and then exported the frames to GIMP to make the gif. However, I learned …

  8. jhylan

    Building an HTML Webpage: Going Oldschool


    Here is a link to a webpage I created last year for a project that is completely coded with HTML. I built the webpage from scratch and it was a ton of fun and I recommend that everyone learn how to code to get a better experience with the internet …

  9. jhylan

    Creation, Consumption, and the Internet


    The web pushes us to create bigger and better innovations that help enhance ourselves, like Wikipedia. The push for more creation is driven by the desire of knowledge. The majority of us want to better society and culture by means of technology. A giant collection of knowledge and culture reflect …

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