1. jlawumw

    Extinction Daily Create (DC)


    Today’s Daily Create assignment was to make our own 2048 game icons. I chose to go with the theme of extinction events because of the growing popularity of “prepping” and despite my “too nice” appearance/demeanor, I have a deep and dark interior.

    Let me know what you think!…

  2. jlawumw

    This Week in Noir


    This week we had to produce our Daily Create assignments. We were challenged to re-think our titles of our blogs. Many pieces of Noir literature was given to us to dive into. The Assignment Bank was opened to us as well, giving us a chance to be creative in writing …

  3. jlawumw

    Review of “Inherent Vice”


    The movie Inherent Vice came out this past winter starring Joaquin Phoenix and directed by┬áPaul Thomas Anderson. It feels like the movie starts of in the thick of the story drawing you in closer to the main character who is a private investigator willing to help his ex get …

  4. jlawumw

    The Future is Here


    The story of my future is the story of your future. Yes a few things here and there may be different to an extent but we are all going towards the same “place”, aren’t we? In a few years I’ll be joining “the real world”, if I’m not already here. …

  5. jlawumw

    Blatant Advertisment


    “In the world of advertising, there’s no such thing as a lie. There’s only expedient exaggeration.”

    This quote comes from one of my favorite Alfred Hitchcock movies, North by Northwest. It is was uttered by the character, Roger Thornill, played by Cary Grant.

    Advertisements have changed in their distribution methods, …

  6. jlawumw

    Beginning the Study of Noir


    I began this week very excited to be apart of my digital storytelling class at the University of Mary Washington. Our subject for the semester is Noir, which is something that I am very unfamiliar with. Even though it is “not my style” I’m glad to be involved because I …

  7. jlawumw

    Angel-A (2005)


    I believe this was my first introduction to film noir when I realized what film noir might be. I think I was 15 or 16 while I was having a sleepover with friends and for some reason we didn’t care that there were subtitles throughout the movie. Thinking back on …

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