1. jlundberg

    Week 15 and Finals Submission, Finally.


    I’m sure that I’m not the only one that feels relieved that this class is finally over with. I will agree though that I have learned many interesting techniques, and will probably use all of them in the future. For my final project I decided to use Joe Pesci as …

  2. jlundberg

    Weekly Summary for Weeks 11 & 12!


    These past two weeks were the same as the previous weeks. I enjoyed the assignments, but not the road I had to take to figure out how to complete them.  I did learn some valuable lessons in the process though. For one, Sony Vegas Pro 11 does NOT work well …

  3. jlundberg

    Having a small conversation with myself


    I cannot even begin to explain what a royal pain in the ass this project was for me. It took me a week of banging my head against the wall, viewing pre-teen’s tutorials on YouTube, and an afternoon in the Digital Knowledge Center to discover that my version of Sony …

  4. jlundberg

    A Message to My 16 Year Old Self


    If only this could really happen. Things would be a bit different for me. I would still have enlisted in the Marine Corps though. I could have made this video funny, and made jokes, but I decided to take it a bit seriously just in case some damn cosmic phenomena …

  5. jlundberg

    Sports Team Pump Up Video- NY Yankees



    What could be better than tracking down highlight clips of the greatest sports team in the history of the world? That team of course would be the NY Yankees. They have won 27 world championships; that’s more than any other team in any other sport.

    Having said that, the …

  6. jlundberg

    That Bleeping Censor- Goodfellas



    I absolutely hate it when works of art are censored for “our own good”. But I felt this assignment would be relatively easy to complete especially since it is worth 5 stars. I chose to work with a scene in the Martin Scorcese classic “Goodfellas”. In this memorable scene, …

  7. jlundberg

    The Complete Package- Breaking Bad


    Breaking Bad was one of the finest series ever to grace our television screens. I could have easily made this trailer a few hours long but I have many other assignments to tackle this week. I used Wondershare to complete this assignment, and used www.savefromnet.com   to download the videos from …

  8. jlundberg

    Play By Play Tutorial


    I used Wonder Share Video Editor to create my very own play by play commentary for this assignment.

    First, I scoured YouTube for a football video that would work well. The video I chose was of the 1986 NFC Championship game between the NY Giants and the Washington Redskins. Since …

  9. jlundberg

    Play By Play Create My Own Assignment


    I created this assignment because I always wanted to be a sportscaster. I thought it would be a great way to make a living. Being able to travel around and see the games, and be part of the spectacle is something that would be both fun and rewarding. This particular …

  10. jlundberg

    YouTube Genres: How-To Videos


    I love YouTube. I used to click around watching all the funny stuff and I still do on occasion. There are a ton of different genres on YouTube as well, everything from parody and life hacks, animation and mash-ups and so on. These genres have their own merit, and I …

  11. jlundberg

    Exploring a Great Movie Scene “Good Will Hunting”



    As I learned about some of the different techniques of filming in the provided links this week, I became aware of many aspects of a movie scene that I never really noticed before. The panning of the camera, the 180 degree rule, lighting, cutting, and zoom are all present …

  12. jlundberg

    Identifying the Genre of “Good Will Hunting”


    According to AMCfilmsite.com, Dramas are serious, plot-driven presentations, portraying realistic characters, settings, life situations, and stories involving intense character development and interaction. Usually, they are not focused on special-effects, comedy, or action, Dramatic films are probably the largest film genre, with many subsets. 

    This definition completely describes the film “Good …

  13. jlundberg

    The 2014 Daily Create Signature Edition




    Signatures are a funny thing. No matter what we normal, un-famous people are signing, we somehow act like we are signing the Declaration of Independence. I remember when I was a teenager in the 1980’s I wanted my signature to look professional, and “classy” if you will. So …

  14. jlundberg

    Web Assignment Fake Twitter



    I have always been fascinated by the sinking of the Titanic. Not only was it a disaster of epic proportions, but now thanks to the movie, people have a romantic sense about it. I mean, a ton of people died on that ship and in the icy water and …

  15. jlundberg

    Spine of the book of me. Daily Create.


    I will be the first to admit that I am no spring chicken, that I am not your average college student, and that I am not as book smart as many of you. Having said that, I will say that I am extremely proud of the knowledge I have accumulated …

  16. jlundberg

    Weekly Summary Weeks 7 & 8 Part Two, Radio Show


    So it’s official. I am now a producer of a radio show. I love radio. I have listened to Howard Stern religiously for the past 25 years and while I never desired to get into the business, I certainly appreciate the lengths at which he goes to in order to …

  17. jlundberg

    Theme for Our Radio Show


    After some careful deliberation with my assignment partner, Mike Black, we settled on the idea of a “Do-it-Yourself” type of program with a twist. We would bring together two people from different walks of life, and certainly different financial statuses and see how they work together. Our plan is to …

  18. jlundberg

    The Wisdom of Sam Halpern


    I know that some or even most of the submissions will be from some seriously philosophical writings and there is nothing wrong with that. I however have always absorbed knowledge better if it makes me laugh a bit while I’m learning it. I was on a long layover in Dallas/Ft. …

  19. jlundberg

    Audio Assignment 112 Overly Dramatic Reading


    I have owned a Nissan Xterra for over 7 years. It has been pretty good to me. When looking around my pile of incredibly boring reading material, I came across the old 2007 Xterra Options catalog and felt that I could certainly over dramatize something out of this! So I …

  20. jlundberg

    Another Answering Machine


    I know I won’t get credit for doing another answering machine assignment, but I wanted to do another one anyway. I have always loved the Hannibal Lecter series of films, and Anthony Hopkins. Hannibal was on tv last night as I laid down for the night, and I immediately thought …

  21. jlundberg

    Audio Assignment 196 Movie Answering Machine


    I remember the days of getting home to my empty apartment and going straight to the answering machine to see if I had any messages. Sometimes I did, other times not. Sometimes they were good messages, other times they were from the ex wife digging for more money. But the …

  22. jlundberg

    Weekly Summary Week 6


    Well this week was just like every other ds106 week and was fun filled and entertaining. I must say that I have a pretty impressive butt shaped imprint worked into my desk chair seat cushion. This week was about design, but it encompassed many different aspects of design and required …

  23. jlundberg

    daily create 998, Empathy Map


    This kind of baffled me. I am still not quite sure what his daily create is asking of me, but here it is. I guess I feel like just about everyone in this class would say or feel that there is a lot of work involved, and while it is …

  24. jlundberg

    Motivational Poster


    I see the motivational posters all over the place, in corporate offices, schools, you name it. I have also seen those de-motivational posters, which by the way crack me up to no end. But the actual motivational ones can be inspiring and entertaining as well. They say you can leave …

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