1. jocelynsosa1

    Final Words


    Coming into this class I knew nothing of editing videos, audio, or how to create my own website. This class has taught me a bunch of things. For my final project on Zombie Survival I incorporated a few things I’ve learned. I made a website where you can learn a …

  2. jocelynsosa1

    Zombie Survival


    This is the video I put together for my Zombie Survival website, This website was created to help everyone survive the zombie apocalypse. It was a lot of work to put this together and I still think theres more to be done but for now it is there. I …

  3. jocelynsosa1

    All About Zombies!


    For our final project we must make a transmedia stortelling experience. I have chosen to do mine on ZOMBIES!!!! There are many zombie movies out there even a tv show! most zombies are the same but some are a bit different. I will make a video featuring most of the …

  4. jocelynsosa1

    Sports Montage


    I am not the biggest sports fan, If I ver watch a sports game its usually because my brother puts it on. But baseball is my favorite sport and one of my favorite baseballs teams are the Yankees. Call it cheesy and typical but they are a great team…maybe not …

  5. jocelynsosa1

    Project 21 and Over


    This is my movie trailer. I called it Project 21 and Over, I used the trailers for Project X and 21 and Over. The song I used is Pursuit of Happiness by Kid Cudi (Steve Aoki remix). I chose Project X because it is one of my movies and to …

  6. jocelynsosa1

    Mashups are tough….



    This is my mashup, it is a hardstyle mashup of my two favorite songs. Hardstyle is one genre of electronic dance music, like house, dubstep, trance, or trap. The two traks that I used are FTS By Showtek and Lose My Mind by Brennan Heart and wildstylez. Though the …

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