1. jodreher1

    Three is a Magic Number Weekly Play


    DS 106 Daily Create assignment was Three is a Magic Number-Show it in a Photo. Out cat Tucker could sleep anywhere in the house he wanted to, but he frequently sleep in the dogs bed with Oliver and Zoe.

  2. jodreher1

    Brown Eyed Girl


    DS106 FanFic Assignments
    Instructions for Assignment:
    Take the name or title of your favorite band, song, movie, or tv show and display it in the form of photography. You can take as many pictures as you want, but have your photos capture the band, song, movie, or tv show you …

  3. jodreher1

    Weekly Play: Post “Secret”…


    ds106 Assignment

    Write on a “post-it” (haha, get it. “Post” secret.) your biggest dream in life. What are you going to school to accomplish? ds106 Assignment Post “Secret”
    Who would you like to meet? What is your dream job? Whatever it is, it shouldn’t be a “secret”! Tell the whole …

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