1. John Johnston

    Wiggle Gifs


    I’ve been here before but a couple of wiggles jumped out of the photos app today.

    Both were photos that the phone decided to take HDR photos and I’ve set it to keep a ‘normal’ one two. I’d obviously moved enough in the fraction of a second that separated the …

  2. John Johnston

    Drunken Gifs


    One should always be drunk. That’s all that matters…But with what? With wine, with poetry, or with virtue, as you chose. But get drunk.

    ? Charles Baudelaire

    I find gifs intoxicating, not the looking at them but creating. This is ridiculous. I find sitting down to rip a gif out …

  3. John Johnston

    Lazy Art on the Couch


    I did manage a couple of daily creates this week but my hold on the ds106 stream is pretty tenuous. Given the public commitment to Art on the Couch last week both here an on The DS106 Good Spell I clicked the random button a few time this morning until …

  4. John Johnston

    Saddling Up


    I’ve signed on as a hand to ride the Western 106 trail. Seems like it hard to quit DS106. Although I’ve been on this trail afore I’ve never been as far west. I ain’t much of a cowhand. I am more of a blanket stiff, a bit of a …

  5. John Johnston

    Gif Switchback


    With 3 unsatisfactory draft post sittin’ in the chuck waggon. I am delighted to have to the opportunity to boil some coffee, sit back and shoot my mouth off. Or rather shoot this gif out from the hip:

    Frame Delay7/100 sec Frame Delay 14/100 sec Frame Delay 20/100 sec Frame…
  6. John Johnston

    Laughing Cowboys


    When I heard about #western106 I was looking forward to messing about as an outrider to the main herd, have a bit of fun, running the odd gif down and perhaps have a few campfire podcasts, nothing to heavy.

    I’d not watched cowboy movies much recently and associate them with …

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