1. John Johnston

    By: Kathy Onarheim


    YES! I was wondering how long it would take you to add sound to one of them.

    It does make a difference doesn’t it?

    Looks like you may have done a can-can of sorts yourself – that leg action looks pretty much on target with the circling of the toe. …

  2. John Johnston

    By: StefanieJ


    This is just great, both, the artwork and the description on how you did it.
    It is a completely new idea to me to involve programming in making gifs, especially using a command line. I am not very friendly with command lines, but I may try now, following your description …

  3. John Johnston

    By: M Funes


    Love it! I love the last one with many frames yet I do like the white bits makes it look like papyrus…I can see how using the command line can give you good results quicker…I keep meaning to install Homebrew and gifsicle! I love the ease with each you can …

  4. John Johnston

    By: Kathy Onarheim


    John – this is a great help – over my head at this time, but your narrative and steps is a great stepping stone for jumping in and attempting to learn something new. The energy is in the figuring out as you have described in your post. Reading what goes …

  5. John Johnston

    Taking Command of Gifs


    These are some notes on creating gifs and manipulating images on the command line on a mac. I am pretty much at the limit of my knowledge here so some of the details may be sketchy. It seems to me that this allows one to iterate through various ideas quite …

  6. John Johnston

    By: Mariana Funes


    Heh! I have no idea why it is so compelling but it is…kind of like gif TV. What is next? A DS106 version of Giphy?

    I can see it being great for backgrounds in film and animated gifs….also you can do a kind of pechagif with each frame at 20 …

  7. John Johnston

    By: Alan Levine (@cogdog)


    MAD MAD GENIUS! Seems to play on most devices. Well, 2 that I tried. I’d like to give it a spin. It can be a good impetus to do minimal sized stuff.

    Send me a copy, please! Or slap that thing in github.

    Its a bit funny because I tracked …

  8. John Johnston

    GifMovie a Plugin


    I am much more excited about this than it warrants.

    Hopefully just above this text you will see a canvas still image with a play button. Clicking on that should load a gif and an audio loop.

    I’ve played with this sort of thing before but this is a bit …

  9. John Johnston

    DS106 GiF TV Needs You


    I don’t think I am going to make many of my targets for credits in prisoner106 this week. Friday and I’ve not watched any of the footage yet.

    I’ve stayed in my Village apartment watching the DV. More specifically DS106 Gif TV.

    I though it might be time to …

  10. John Johnston

    By: Kathy Onarheim


    Interesting combination and seems effective.

    I am onboard with the iMovie statements- not sure I like the current version as much as older versions. It really is for drop and go, almost like ready to wear and that sometimes seems to constrain ones own creative voice or intent. However – …

  11. John Johnston

    By: Christina Hendricks


    I like that sign too; very clever!

    I find it really interesting that you, Melanie and I all did the four icon challenge for the same episode. I made mine, looked at the assignment page to get the right tags, and found yours and Melanie’s there. It’s cool that we …

  12. John Johnston

    By: Melanie


    For someone who feels negative about design (as you stated in your most recent post ? ), you certainly have a talent for deconstructing a piece of media and building it back again.

    Intriguing process and product!…

  13. John Johnston

    Week Four Review: Design


    I forgot to write up and post this one earlier in the week.

    My ideas around escape or rather not attempting to escape seem to be reflected in the surveillance tapes we were directed to watch this week. Number six seems to be more involved in Village Life and made …

  14. John Johnston

    Village Webmaker


    A friend pointed me to this assignment, which has never been done before, 2 credits to spend in the shop.

    For this design assignment you are tasked to create an attractive advertisement/flyer for some type of event. Be creative. Any event will do, but the point is to entice people …

  15. John Johnston

    By: Mariana Funes


    Interesting how we have our trails of interest….such a lot of work, yet the look of combining frames your way is really special. I love the end result.

    I wish I could get past the first hurdle and get Handbrake to work. I would love to be able to try …

  16. John Johnston

    Gifs begin where words leave off


    A quick gif with audio. A warm up watching Hammer into Anvil. An interesting episode, no escape attempts but a moral crusade by Number 6 and a battle of minds with Number 2.

    More fist fights and physical action than most of the episodes so far, kosho looks like fun.…

  17. John Johnston

    By: Andrew Forgrave


    I’m in! I saw you and Mariana chatting about this a while back and poked around a little. Nice to know where to go to find my way into this little rabbit hole.


  18. John Johnston

    The Village Web Club


    After all the commotion last night I was surprised to hear from the General this morning. She asked me to set up a new club. I was even more surprised to here the general taking over the morning announcements.

    You should be able to hear the talk by clicking the …

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