1. John Johnston

    A Week of Creates


    It has been a while since I gave the The Daily Create much attention. When I started having a longish train commute I though I do more of this, but the British Rail free wifi blocks flickr and I lost the habit.

    I do look in on the home page …

  2. John Johnston


    _________ ________ _________ ________ ___ ___ ___ ___ |___ ___\ __ |___ ___\ __ | | | / /| |___ _ | |___ _ | / / / \ __ / / \ ____ ____ / / / __ _______ __ __ __ _______ _________/ / / |__| |_______| |__|…
  3. John Johnston

    Colour of the Wire


    After the last post I’ve watched a few more episodes and have arrived in Season 3 of the wire. I though it might be interesting to see the overall colours of different episodes or seasons and compare them.

    Following the same path1 as in the previous post I created …

  4. John Johnston

    Chain of Command


    (the above gif has nothing to do with the rest of the post, other than it is to do with the wire.)
    A while back I posted about gifboard and it’s bigger brother storyboard. I’ve played a bit with storyboard and the wire this week.

    Storyboard is a command …

  5. John Johnston

    all in the game


    My last couple of posts have been about using and setting up videogrep.py.

    Videogrep is a python script that searches through dialog in videos and then cuts together a new video based on what it finds. Basically, it’s a command-line “supercut” generator.

    I’ve been thinking about how to use …

  6. John Johnston

    and all the pieces matter


    Gif using gifboard

    This is a quick intro to installing videogrep.py a tool for making supercut movies. Written in haste, consider it a rough draft.

    Videogrep is a python program run from the command line. This is quite different from using applications with a GUI. I am hoping to write …

  7. John Johnston

    a little slow, a little late


    You cannot lose if you do not play.

    My first post here since April! I missed the whole of the burgeon experience and have done only a handful of daily creates. I am not saying sorry, I have made a few artefacts and experimented with some stuff that is pretty …

  8. John Johnston

    Why Gif?


    There is an interesting conversation going on over in the DS106 google group. Sandy Brown Jensen makes some great points which finish with

    So for me it has nothing to do with the aesthetics of the gif itself and more to do with crafting a context where placing a gif …

  9. John Johnston

    By: Alan Levine (@cogdog)


    Another John Johnstone masterpiece about ds106 that I must put on the site. I love the meta-ness of a creation for ds106 exploring ds106.

    And also, you do here what I hope more people did so well, to narrate and share the process, especially on how you went from a …

  10. John Johnston

    By: john


    Thanks folks. I’ve had a lot of fun with this. Got an animated gif version sort-of working, more to do on that front.…

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