1. John Johnston

    New GIFaCHROME technology in development


    Layercake, is a developing technology for the GIFaCHROME camera. Layercake is not quite ready for release but we have a few test images which give some idea of the affordances of the new subsystem. Layercake allows your images to take a jump out of the frame. Currently it is not …

  2. John Johnston

    Pioneering use of GIFaChrome


    Recently discovered in the back of a dusty drawer is compelling evidence of the early adoption of the GIFaChrome format by pioneering female photographers.

    These women were not discouraged by the predominant male view that the photographic image should be static or that the gif format was not suitable for …

  3. John Johnston

    By: Stefanie


    I never use g+. I ‘m not sure why. I’ve heard they are collecting a great deal of data, which makes me feel uneasy to use it.

    However, interesting post! I love the gif!…

  4. John Johnston

    By: Janet Webster


    “Given the amount of conversation in g+”…….

    I think the key to G+ is the spontaneity of conversations, that’s why I like it. Very discursive space.

  5. John Johnston

    By: John


    I totally share your concerns. I am afraid I might have lost that in a rather rushed post.
    I wish g+ worked in a different way! say like Disqus can the discussion could be displayed on a blog. I feel that embedding a screenshot in the post here is …

  6. John Johnston

    By: Alan Levine (@cogdog)


    Touché — and I am going to take a step back and aim to be more open minded about Google+ for much of what I see as problems could be turned around and said for twitter (much flows by, hard to manage history, search issues).

    My main concern is if …

  7. John Johnston

    Can We live Outside Google?


    It is only those who do nothing who makes no mistake.

    ? Pyotr Kropotkin, Anarchism: A Collection of Revolutionary Writings

    This daily create started out with the memory of the common Anarchy graffiti, with the A is a circle.

    Anarchy by Jonas B

    I presume that I must have had …

  8. John Johnston

    GLITCHaCHROME DS106 Glitch-Gifs


    I am not sure what week it is in the Headless 13 season of DS106!
    After moaning about google plus, I’ve used it more than any other way of keeping hold of the ds106 tale. I still do not like the locked in nature of plus, but have to admit …

  9. John Johnston



    So at the start of this week I though I’d get back into the headless course and do some video assignments. I spent a while looking through them but this one looked like it would be fun:

    Download different scene clips from one movie to create a short commercial for …

  10. John Johnston

    Where in the world is ds106?


    Chatting to Alan Levine yesterday we had a wee idea about putting ds106 participants on the map. I suggested that it might be an idea to use Audioboo. The RSS feeds from audioboo have location data that can be used in google map mashups. I know I already had …

  11. John Johnston

    By: @mdvfunes


    I love your time lapse! A transformation without a transformation…but the clouds are forever transforming

    And good idea about the comments. It would be great though if we all followed Alan’s suggestion to use #talkingheadless106 then we can just use google to see the conversation. I think it is a …

  12. John Johnston

    Late Creates


    I have been completely missing from DS106 this week, time to catch up?

    Today I had a a pile of stuff I wanted to get done, websites to update, blog posts to write, a pile of audio from TeachMeet to edit and publish.
    I decided to go for a hillwalk …

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