1. John Johnston

    Flicking a Five Card Story

    Five Card Story: leaving

    a Five Card Flickr story created by johnjohnston

    flickr photo by dwtno

    flickr photo by Serenae

    flickr photo by bionicteaching

    flickr photo by katerha

    flickr photo by shareski


    Thro the fence,

    A mossy climb,


    Leaving the city:

    Into a cleaner space.

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  2. John Johnston

    By: John


    Christina, Mostly luck and good material to start with.
    Tina thanks for the giffy comments, look forward to hearing the rest.…

  3. John Johnston

    By: iamTalkyTina


    Hello, True Friend John.

    Yes, I like this GIF because it is a happy time for all the people and they are dancing, back and forth, back and forth. It is good that you made it small (sometimes small things are just the best, just saying) and still it looks …

  4. John Johnston

    What’s the story?


    What Comes to Mind for You?

    What do you associate with the word storytelling? Before you do anything this week, use this as an opportunity to put down in words what your current concept is. There is no right or wrong answer here- this is to set up your current …

  5. John Johnston

    Chicken Talking


    Yesterday I was planning to make a short ds106 radio show and podcast with the idea of helping folk starting the new round of ds106. It was in my mind most of the day, and I intended to do a bit of planning and note taking.
    Somehow the day got …

  6. John Johnston

    By: John


    @Tina, thanks, I like my coffee
    @Rochelle, First one was made on the iphone with giffer, second photos taken with iPhone but gif made in fireworks. Couple of good ipad apps for ds106 stuff, not gifs, superimpose and Photoshop Touch.…

  7. John Johnston

    By: Rochelle Lockridge


    Nice John. Thanks for mentioning some new apps too. For some reason I like the second one you made better than the first. Not sure why though. Did you do anything different? Maybe it’s just the way you cropped the photo.…

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