1. John Johnston

    By: iamTalkyTina


    Well, that is a good Wiggle, and I think the coffee has finished percolating or boiling or whatever coffee does when it wiggles in the coffee pot like that.

    So drink it up. And then the caffeine will make YOU have the wiggles. Ha!…

  2. John Johnston

    By: John


    Thanks folks,
    Bill I was thinking about those images, also of many giffers fascination with guns. I’ve giffed a fair few guns from movie clips myself. A bit conflicted about that.…

  3. John Johnston

    By: Bill Smith


    This is great artistically; the b&w gun contrasted with the colorful flowers, no distracting background. And it’s a timeless theme, weapons producing good. Swords into plowshares. I’m reminded of the classic Vietnam war protest of 1967 and the image of flowers being inserted in gun barrels. Brave protesters, nervous National …

  4. John Johnston

    By: iamTalkyTina


    Hi, True Friend John!

    You see? That is a much nicer idea of people getting shot with a bouquet of nice, fragrant daisy flowers with a perfume smell and them saying “oh, you got me with flowers” and them smiling instead of them getting riddled with bullets and them being …

  5. John Johnston

    By: iamTalkyTina


    Well, that sure is a silly infomercial thing, John. It looks like she is eating Q-tips or something. But it is a good GIF of a silly thing infomercial. Can you actually buy that thing? If you actually wanted it?

    Well, bye!…

  6. John Johnston

    Getting ready for some DS106 smack talk


    One the worrying things about ds106 is the smack talk component, you need to have steady nerves and facial muscles of steel. Many of us are not use to this mode of discourse and need a bit of preparatory exercise. There is now no need to fear the smack talk, …

  7. John Johnston

    Tina Sounds


    Your browser does not support the audio tag.
    Your browser does not support the audio tag.
    Yesterday my friend Tina told me she liked the way I gave Jim some music to dance to. I though I’d show her, and anyone else how to play a sound when a gif …

  8. John Johnston

    By: Christina Hendricks


    This looks really, really good. He matches so well, and he should be dancing to that fantastic tune. As should the rest of them, those stuffy airplaners. Jim is the only one who’s really grooving!…

  9. John Johnston

    By: iamTalkyTina


    I like that when @jimgroom is in the clouds you can’t see his feet and that is good because he doesn’t have any. In the original GIF.

    I like that when you click it makes the music so it is like he is dancing to it and then when you …

  10. John Johnston

    Jim in the Air(plane)


    After yesterday I can’t get JA out of my head.

    click the gif to hear what Jim is dancing to.

    I hope I managed to shroud Jim is a couple of wisps of cloud, and knocked dow the brightness and contrast in some sort of effort to match tone.

    The …

  11. John Johnston

    Not so Daily Creates



    Hate the gif, make your own.

    Back at the end of June Alan Levine posted a challenge:

    See how many ds106 Daily Creates you can do in July. No prizes, badges, or any crap like that. Just the reward of getting your creativity back in shape. We are …

  12. John Johnston

    By: scottlo


    Thanks again for sharing your audio with the LoDown John. I hope you don’t mind the bit of snipping I did.

    One point you mentioned that didn’t get aired how to define and understand the term podcast. I’d love the chance to have a little back and forth on that …

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