1. @jrpokrandt

    Cancelled Vacation


    I had big plans for this week’s Assignment Bank.  On Tuesday I went through the visual assignments and chose this assignment.  The reason: I was scheduled to go to San Diego with my boyfriend for five days of beaches and pools and California!  This would be the perfect occasion …

  2. @jrpokrandt

    Jason Bourne


    OMG the new Jason Bourne movie comes out next week and I am SO excited!  I will be looking at the trailer for this week’s Story Critique.  Although it doesn’t fall directly into my theme of “Health and Nutrition,” I think it is safe to say that super-secret spy Jason …

  3. @jrpokrandt

    Wonder Woman vs. Carbs


    For this week’s Mashup Assignment I combined a picture of Wonder Woman wielding a bow and arrow on top of a picture of lots of bread.

    The motivation behind this image is interesting.  Diabetes runs in my family.  My parents, who are already very healthy and active, have recently added …

  4. @jrpokrandt

    Healthy Collage


    I really enjoyed this week’s Design assignment.  For this assignment I was to create a collage using pages from old magazines.  See below for my finished product.

    My theme for this semester is Health/Nutrition so I included images, quotes, etc. that encompass this theme.  My favorite part of this …

  5. @jrpokrandt

    ¡Una broma!


    Hello to all!

    This week I chose to complete AudioAssignment77 titled “Make ’em laugh!”  Basically, I tell a joke in another language and add in some effects.  I struggled with how to best do this and eventually ended up using iMovie so that I could show the illustration for the …

  6. @jrpokrandt

    Koopa – the world’s cutest doggie


    From the DS106 Visual Assignment Bank I chose the assignment “”Your Love For Your Pet” (found here).  So … I’d like to introduce you all to Koopa!  He is a mix between a Pomeranian and a Papillon.  He is high energy fluff ball and a cuddle machine.



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