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    College is a Rodeo


    At the start of the week I was going to just go ahead and do the video assignments because I had so much going on that I didn’t think I would have time for a group project but after Tierra reached out through email, and all our success with the …

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    My kind of essay


    I really enjoyed completing this assignment. When I first saw essay, I dreaded the thought of having to write an actual essay but once I saw the actual assignment I was excited to complete it! I chose to analyze a scene in Django Unchained that had the shot-reverse shot effect, …

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    Week Nine: 3/18/16


    This week was a blessing in disguise, I was super busy with other work so having an easy week was needed. Easy, but still challenging in its own way. I really enjoyed the assignments that I did this week and having to involve our characters. I used all characters from …

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    In the eye of Agnus


    Tonight I went to watch my good friend Danny Keys, who is a pianist at Tumbleweed Saloon.  When Danny plays the piano it’s like magic, his music is beautiful and I am so glad I got to see him play tonight!

    For this assignment, we had to create an …

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    Visiting Bonnie Sue


    Today I decided to go visit Bonnie Sue at the school and bring her by some lunch! I rode my horse into town because it was a beautiful day. All the kids at the school got a kick out of petting my horse and getting to see him.

    For this …

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    Burger Night


    Well now that the murder of Johnny in our town has been resolved and life has started to get back to normal, Tumbleweed Saloon has opened back up for business and I (Agnus) start working again tomorrow. Before I started back up I wanted to have dinner with my good …

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    Tuning in….


    On Tuesday night I had the pleasure to listen to World Wide Western news on ds106 radio. I was impressed with the radio show and enjoyed hearing how this group decided to carry out their project. I like the idea that they did a news show, it was unique and …

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    Week Eight: 3/11/16


    Thats about how long it took to put together the radio show! Carlee and I did the audio for our show, which I think turned out pretty well and it definitely took longer than we expected. Audacity was a little glitchy and once there were so many files involved it …

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    Turning Tumbleweeds pt. 2


    So for this week we already had our script planned out and just needed to do the recordings. The Friday before spring break, Lindsay created a general plot so that we could all follow along since we were recording separately. From there on, we set a due date of Wednesday …

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    Week Seven: 2/26/16


    Week seven we were introduced to the radio show project and much of this weeks work revolved around this. I was a little stressed about trying to find a group but ended up getting in one with 5 other girls and we names our group The Gals of the West! …

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    Turning Tumbleweeds


    So far, my groups project has been going great! I am apart of the group, The Gals of the West, and we decided to do a western murder mystery called Turning Tumbleweeds. At first we were torn between either doing one big plot revolving around one murder and then having …

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    Design Poster


    Here is my radio show poster that I designed for our groups show! It was fairly simple to make once I found the right background that I wanted to use. I used the website canva.com to create this and started a new project. I chose my background from google, and …

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    How may I take your order?


    For this assignment (1.5 stars), we had to create a McDonalds order and make it picky! This was funny to make, and also took some creativity. My friends and I always love a good trip to McDonalds so this assignment was right up my alley. I had my roommate voice …

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    911, what’s your emergency?


    For this assignment, we had to create a 911 call and we were also for the week required to do 5 stars of assignments involving our characters so I decided to do a 911 call from Agnus. It was about a car accident that happened outside her house just …

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    Beer & Burger Mondays!


    For this assignment, we had to create a commercial for a business or product. I decided to create one for the saloon that is in our radio show and promote burger night on Monday’s! In order to complete the assignment, I used Audacity and youtube. I downloaded the background …

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    Week Six: 2/18/16


    For Week Six, we had to focus on design. You can see in my reflection post about Vignelli my thoughts about it, but I learned a lot this week about what is takes to design and how there is always more to it than seems. You can also look at …

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    For this assignment, we had to create a missing flyers poster of anyone we wanted. I chose to do Shrek, one of my favorite cartoon movie characters from when I was younger. I used Microsoft word to complete this assignment and actually had a lot of fun doing it! …

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    For this assignment, you had to customize a pair of shoes and then compare it to the original pair. I chose to use NikeID to customize my shoes, I have done this before so I was familiar with how to do it. I tried to design a pair of …

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    This assignment call Change of Scenery required you to put yourself or others in a different setting. This assignment was worth 4 stars and I had a lot of fun completing this one. To complete this assignment I used the app fotobom. I took two different pictures, one of myself …

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